Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Our Trip to Khao Yai!!

This past weekend baby, grandma, papa and I all went out to Khao Yai for a little "cold weather". This should be understood as 70's during the day and 50's during the night! We were invited by papa's tennis partner, Khun Yai (grandma in Thai) Ang, this knarly 65 year old who's in better shape than ANYONE I know! We thought it would be a nice quiet relaxing weekend in the mountains. Little did we know that it was not just Khun Yai Ang, but 5 of her old lady friends, along with her husband and daughter!

Khao Yai is about 2 hours outside of Bangkok, and Khun Yai Ang's house is another 30 minutes from there. We left at 9:30 am (only 1 hour behind schedule) and so you'd expect us to get tehre around 12ish right? Yah no, we didn't end up getting there until after 6pm! On the way up we stopped at a ceramics factory but couldn't buy anything because they were for export only, but we did have lunch there. Then we had to stop for a bathroom break, then to buy fruit.

Here's the really fun part! These 6 ladies didn't go up there to just hang around and relax, they went up there to KARAOKE!! And let me tell you the drunk Japanese business men have nothing on these women. They were pretty (read:very) terrible! At one point all the neighborhood dogs started howling with them! One lady sang Edel Weiss (from Sound of Music) and instead of singing "bloom and grow" it came out as "broom and grow" [my thai homies will understand why!].

As for me, baby, grandma, and papa we just hung out, went on walks, read, slept and ate. Lots of eatting! The trip home was just as long as the trip up. But over all it was a lot of fun. Check out the pictures:

At the ceramics factory playing with papa (note the "german" beer steins that are obviously not made in germany)

Checking out the view from the main house with papa

Going on a walk with papa (some how her diaper came loose and baby ended up peeing all over papa hehehe)

Me and baby walking around the grounds talking to daddy on the phone

My good girl chillin' in the car (notice her new baby leggs? it was too hot to actually wear them so she was rocking it 80s style)

The amazing standing monkey

The house we stayed in

The main house

Everyone kept trying to stick food in Pnut's mouth so I finally gave up and let them give her corn on the cob. She didn't actually "eat" any of it she just knawed on it for a while. At first she just held it cause it was kinda warm and I think she liked the way it felt. Then she needed to check it out. Finally she tried it and she really seemed to like it and was pretty mad at me when I wouldn't give it back to her after she dropped it on the floor a couple of times and I was tired of washing it off.
(Stupid blogspot wont let me add the rest of the pictures. I will try again later)
t 50 nice picture of the 4 of us

t 51 us and the 6 crooners

The Lost Hilltribe of Red Haired Blue Eyed Babies

Check out my little "chao khao" from the infamous lost tribe of Red Haired Blue Eyed Babies:

November 24th is Loy Kra Tong, which is the Thai Festival of Lights. In order to celebrate properly Tira needed a traditional Thai outfit so her grandma and great aunty sugar found this! The pants are called "jung ga bangs" and the top is common among the 65 year olds here. How does she look?

These last two pictures were taken at Grandma Nat's (formally Pat's) amazing penthouse suite!

Baby and Daddy's Fav Activity - SLEEPING!

I was going through all of our pictures and come across these!

Please Leave Comments!!

Hi Everyone just wanted let remind you that you can leave us comments!! At the end of each post at the bottom right there's a link you can click on to leave us a comment. This blog will eventually become Tira's baby book (there's supposedly a company who will print it out and make it all purty-like) so I think it would be great to have comments from her friends and family included!

Special thanks to Auntie Rissa who always leaves funny comments!

Saturday, November 3, 2007

Baby vs the Pen

All I have to say is that this happend in a matter of seconds and I'm just glad she didn't poker her eye out. (Please ignore the snot this was at the height of her cold).

New Accomplishments and Milestones!!

We've now been in Thailand for a month! And boy has Tira changed in just one month, its completely amazing! I swear she's growing up way way to fast.

When we first arrived, Tira had not yet mastered the art of crawling. In fact all she could do was get up on all fours and rock. Now not only can she crawl but she can stand and if she's holding on to something "walk"! The first time we saw her pull her self up to stand was 10/19/07. Now she doesn't have to pull herself up either, she can be in the middle of the room with nothing around her and get up into the standing position! :-O I was going to post pictures of her standing but the only ones I have are of her naked in the bathtub! LOL so instead here's video of her standing. I love that she gets so excited that she waves her arms!


On Saturday 10/06/07 Tira's first tooth broke through to the surface. It was her bottom right one. Not even 2 week later on 10/18/07 her second tooth popped up! It was the bottom left one! We were all worried about how this would effect her nursing but so far we haven't really had any problems. Right after the second toopher popped up I'm pretty sure she "tested" me. She bite me 3 times during two different nursing sessions. The first time was quick and I was too shocked to do anything about it. The next two times I took her off and said "no biting that hurts mommy." And she screamed at me for taking her off but after that there's been no more biting!! I think she's getting another tooth because she's been chewing and drooling like a madman these last two days! Here's some pictures of her toophers:

If you look really really close at this first one you can barely see the tooth popping through
In her dorky hat!
The cutest bumble bee with teeth ever seen!
I've already posted about her swimming lessons and new foods. She's been babbling a lot lately. Maybe we'll be hearing her first word in a few weeks! My money is on "naughty" or "no" since those are the two words she hears the most!

Yet another milestone would be her funny facial expressions. She can mimic you now. Check out the video of her blowing raspberries.

Also if you're eating she will make the chewing motion as if to say "hey look I can do it too!!" And of course we have video of it.

Her newest thing is to scrunch up her nose like a little bunny, it's seriously the cutest thing EVER! This face has proven nearly impossible to catch on camera but I do have an ok picture of it. Not great but it will do.

I just re-read the post and I cannot believe that she's done all that in just the last month! She's growing up way to fast. I don't know what was wrong with me a couple months back when I actually wished she would be more active and worried that she was not doing enough stuff! Typical FTM stupidity. Now I wish I could go back and just enjoy cuddling with my baby and holding her for hours. I'm now lucky if she will sit still long enough for me to nurse her! While I'm excited to see what new and amazing things she will do/discover next, I'm in no rush for my baby to grow up.

New Toys

Since coming to Thailand Tira has gotten a bunch of new toys. The latest addition is the ridiculously cute pink elephant we bought today at the Thai Craft Sale!

Because there's not carpet in Thailand we had to find something so that she could play on the floor. We ended up buy this plastic/foamy mats that link together like puzzle pieces. She loves to play on them:

When auntie rissa got here she brought with her Tira's delila from etsy. Isn't it cute also hand made!

And finally Tira got some new books in Thai! Both are the plastic material that is good for chewing on and makes it so baby can read in the bathtub! One is about animals under the sea and the other is about the sounds animals make. It's great because Thai animals don't make the same sounds as American ones. For example an american dog goes woof woof or bark bark, where as a Thai dog goes hong hong. An american rooster goes cock-a-doodle-do but a Thai rooster goes eggy-eggy-egg! LOL!

Just a side note - today Tira had all her toys sitting in front of her on the mat and what do you think she chose to play with? The empty cardboard tube from a roll of paper towels! Humph!

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Baby's First Cold - Kind of

Saturday Tira had her usual swimming lesson, only this time the water was icy cold! Grandma and I braved the water but I bailed after nursing Tira mid-way through the lesson. G-ma was a trooper and stuck it out. Trooper or sucker? She ended up catching a cold. And yesterday Tira picked it up. It's BARELY a cold! All she has is a runny nose. But let me tell you all it took was runny nose to keep this little terror up all night. She thought that just because she got 2 hours of sleep then woke up because she was all stuffed up it was then play time. LOL! She did not like the suction bulb either. Ohh man did she scream and yell and us whenever we got near her with it. A couple of times I managed to sneak up behind her and get her, but it really didn't do much good. She seems to be better tonight. She hasn't woken up yet. So hopefully she will STTN and wake up as my happy little angel instead of the snot monster (actually she's been really sweet and happy through this, she only cries or gets upset when you try and wipe/suck her nose).

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

The Un-Christmas Un-Gingerbread House

Grandma was hired by a new magazine to make a gingerbread house. The magazine wanted to do a how-to article on making your own gingerbread house so they aksed G-ma is they could photograph the creative process. Too bad the people at the magazine had no idea what they were doing, no budget to pay G-ma, and no comon sense (typical of Thais). After doing our research online and going back and forth with the magazine people it was decided that instead of doing an actual gingerbread house we would do the 2nd grader version and use graham crackers . On Friday we sent them the links of various sites explaining how to build the house and what it would look like, as well as a list of supplies we would need, and instructed them to cut out the cardboard templates before hand (with this type of gb house you paste the graham crakers on to a milk carton or cardboard cut outs). When they showed up on Monday they came armed with 3 eggs (even though the recipe called for 4), 1 cup of sugar (even though the recipe called for 5), no cut outs, not even the cardboard, weird butter crackers instead of graham crackers, and the most un-Christmas-y candy ever. So G-ma had to send them out to the store and get everything that was missing. And then spent the next 4 hours trying to create a gingerbread house (mind you G-ma had never made one before). I had serious doubts about the outcome of this little endeavour. Especially since the roof seemed to weigh twice as much as the rest of the house! But in the end it came together rather nicely - didn't look Christmas-y at all, infact it looked more like the gingerbread house from Hansel and Gretel but ohh well. Here are some pictures:

This is a picture of the "snowman". I guess it's a Thai snowman!!

Saturday, October 27, 2007


Baby is now just over 7 months old and has tried a variety of different foods. After the failed banana attempt of --- we waited. On the airplane to Taipei I spontaneously gave her a little taste of my Jok which she surprisingly seemed to like. Since we had Jok for breakfast for the first week I was here, Tira got to eat quite a bit of it! After that we gave her bananas, then avocados, then baby oatmeal, and our last try was sweet potatoes. She’s seemed to like all but sweet potatoes. Today Grandpa fed her for the first time and she got her first mixed food – oatmeal and bananas!! You still need to coax her into opening her mouth by opening your mouth first and then after she’s taken a bite it’s like the Lakers just won the playoffs with all the cheering and clapping!! But hey whatever works. We haven’t bothered with a food mill or processor just a good old fork and some fresh mommy’s milk. It works great. Here are some pictures of her eating:

First taste of baby oatmeal:

Random pictures:

I forgot to mention it but we’ve been trying to give her a sippy cup which hasn’t worked out so well. She doesn’t seem to get anything out of it. When I tried the sippy cup I couldn’t get anything out either! But yesterday at swimming we saw a little 8 month old who was drinking out of a straw, so that’s our next mission. Here are pictures of her first attempt at the sippy cup:

Friday, October 26, 2007

Typical Thursday in Thailand

So true to my word I’m taking a break from my catch up and I’m going to post about our day yesterday! It was fantabulous! A seriously perfect Thursday! Yesterday morning we went through our normal routine. Baby wakes up I give her to g-ma and g-pa who play with her (since she’s sweetest and happiest in the morning) and I get an extra hour of sleep. Today I got on the computer instead and fiddled around online. Then we had breakfast. My mom had yummy omelets and baby had oatmeal! She’s starting to actually eat it. After that g-ma and g-pa and baby took the dog for a walk while I bloged. When they got back baby went down for her nap.

When she got up we went to the Polo club. G-pa and I went up to the work out room and exercised while G-ma waited with baby, since she had fallen asleep. When she got up we took her to the brand new kiddy pool to swim. She had such a blast! She’s so cute and I swear she’s getting a great tan! She’s got my skin so no matter how much sun screen you put on her she’ll tan. But it looks beautiful! We tried out her new floaty – which she loved! The only problem was her licking up the pool water. Here’s some pictures:

After that we had some lunch and went shopping. Baby had fallen sleep while we were shopping but woke up as soon as I tried to put her to bed. She did this again while we were watching Heros. Baby decided she didn’t want to go to bed and stayed up for all three episodes of the show! She played with her toys and practiced standing (her newest favorite past time) and finally by the end was cranky. But still wouldn’t go to sleep. So g-ma mobied her and spent the next 20 minutes singing and bouncing to get her to finally go down!

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Baby's First Flight!!

So I’ve been the uber-slacker and haven’t done a single post since I said I was going to post regularly! But today it all changes – I’m going to post the catch up ones and I’m going to post at least every other day! So here we go:

On October 28, 2007 Tira became a world traveler! She took her first flight to Thailand! What a way to start off! It wasn’t some boring short flight to Arizona or even what American’s consider a long flight over to the East coast. No she did it right and took a 17 hour long flight to Thailand!

Friday was a crazy mad rush to get everything ready for our trip. Traveling in true Lelanuja/Moore style we needed 3 cars to get us and all of our luggage to the airport! Mommy and Daddy went in one car, Grandma and baby went with Nani and Hanna, and the luggage went with Aunty Lexus (the life saver!). LAX was of course a mad house and it took forever to park and even longer to get checked in. Here’s my little jet setter waiting in line:

After the hour it took just to check in, we saw that the security line was enormous so instead of sitting and spending time with everyone we went and got in yet another line! Once we got to the front of security it was time to say good bye. It was very very sad. Pnut knew what was going on and she was sad to be leaving her Nani and daddy. But I promised her she could talk to him on the phone and send him e-mails so she was happy.
Once inside we went to our terminal and decided to take a nap:
Then it was time to board and away we went. Tira was a perfect angel on the flight! She slept and ate and played. Here are some of her pictures:

Sleeping in the bassinet the airline provided (our flight left a 1:30am so baby was a tired monkey):
(see the old lady in the back ground – she was on her way to Vietnam, she spoke no English and no Chinese. So no one could communicate with her! Brave eh?)

Baby just woke up:
Playing with Mommy :
Cant go any where with out Mr lion:
Look at me I’m super cool – can’t touch this da na na na

Baby got her first taste of Jok on the plane! It’s the same a kow thom. Yummy:

We had a lay over in Taipei. The descent was a little rough on baby because she wouldn’t stay latched on. It helps her to be eating during take off and landing because the sucking helps with the pressure in her ears. But soon enough it was over and we were strolling through the Taipei airport. It was more like a mall/museum then an airport! There were tons of stores and art exhibits. But best of all there was a Hello Kitty play area (which is part of the Hello Kitty terminal) and changing/nursing room (of course we found the changing room after we did baby’s diaper in the bathroom). Check out big girl Tira playing in Hello Kitty land:

In front of the play vanity:

Playing with G-ma on the awesome slide:

Me and baby in the Hello Kitty Terminal (makes LAX look really blah):

The Hello Kitty Nursery Room – every airport, mall, store, public place should have one of these. There was a nursing room, changing tables, hot water for bottles, a sink, a crib, diapers, wipes, pretty much everything you could think of! G-ma and I took a Taiwanese diaper for a souvenir.

After touring the airport, we sent a quick e-mail off to daddy, G-ma and I had a quick snack (siao lung bao) all while baby slept on my back in the Ergo. If you’re traveling with a baby you need an Ergo! It was a life saver.

The flight from Taipei to BKK was a short 4.5 hours. Of course baby waited until we were descending to start grunting and turning red – ie. Pooping! We had to wait for everyone else to get off the plane and then use the tiny airplane bathroom to wash her butt. Then we were off. Great-grandma’s friend works at the airport so he had someone meet us. I think there was some kind of communication problem because he showed up with wheelchair. Ohh well it was good for pushing our extraordinary amount of carry on luggage. We went through immigration, where Tira just had to put her foot in her mouth (literally) while they were taking her picture. Then we got our 5 ginormous suitcases and went to meet grandpa for the first time!

All and all it was a great trip! Tira was an angel and we all made it safe and sound!