Thursday, August 30, 2007

Donating Baby Food

Thanks to the awesome women on the March Muffins board I was able to buy a TON of baby food for very little money. It was an internet coupon that gave you $1 off of 2 jars of baby food. Well at target a jar of baby food is 52 cents, so that means I get 2 jars for 4 cents!! So I went a little crazy. The first Target I went to I was just testing it out. I had 15 coupons and bought food for Tira. No problems. The next day was the day the coupon expired. So I printed out 20, but couldn't find them on the printer. So I printed another 20 but as I thought about it I thought I might just be on the safe side and so I printed 20 more. Later in the day of Office Manager at my jobs dropped off papers on my desk saying I think these are yours. It was ther first 20 I had printed. So I now had 60 coupons! So G-ma and I went to the Target by my job. I didn't see a whole lot of variety and we had decided early on that we were going to make Tira's baby food but these would be for emergencies. But then we got a great idea to donate a bunch of baby food! So we used about half the coupons there. The cashier was not happy nor was the manager but they let me do it. And he screwed up to. I should have only paid $1 but I ended up paying $3.50. I didn't complain they were already mad at me. So then we went to the Target by the house. And used up the rest of the coupons. As we go up to the cash register the guys sees all the coupons and sees all the baby food and immediately says "you can only use on." I said show me where on the coupon it says that! Then he called his manager who said I could use them but they'd have to be rung up as seperate transactions. So I stood there for AT LEAST 20 minutes. While he rang up 2 jars and then a coupon and I handed him 4 cents. Then he handed me a receipt. Then he would ring up 2 more jars and another coupon, I'd give him 4 more cents - well you get the picture. In I ended up spending less than $10!! So anyways after all of that here's what we ended up with:

This is for Tira:
This is what she's donating to Gramercy Housing Group:Gramercy is a women's shelter in downtown LA that helps out single homeless mommies with babies between 0 -5 years old!

UPDATE: Gramercy house isn't accepting baby food donations, so we are looking for another organization!

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