Monday, August 20, 2007

Our Weekend Alone

It had to happen sometime, Grandma left us (well just for the weekend). Tira and I (and Daddy) have been on our own since the butt crack of dawn Saturday! And we're having an awesome time. I was really worried that Tira would freak out without Grandma but she's been such an angel and we're just having so much fun.

After dropping G-ma off at LAX we went over to visit Daddy for a few minutes. Then back home I was hoping for she would go down for a nap but apparently she had other plans. At first Tira was like this

But with a little bit of dancing, singing, Mr Lion, and a whole lot of kisses she was like this

We played until Daddy came home. Then I took a quick nap. We both got beautiful for our breakfast with Amanda. See

Aren't we gorgeous?!?! We left Daddy to go to sleep (he worked the grave yard shift that night). And made the drive to Costa Mesa to have breakfast with Amanda, Jessica, and Michelle. It was tons of fun, the food was great, and Tira was a little angel. She got a little fussy towards the end but I put her in the Moby and she was great. Here's a pic of us and Amanda (can you see her "bump"?)

and one of all of us,

After that we meet up with Nani and mommy and Nani got their eyebrows done. Tira was SUCH A SWEET GIRL for her Nani. Didn't yell at her once!! Tira loves to play patty cake with Nani:

The rest of the weekend was great. We played with daddy, hung out, had boobie, slept, and played more. It was nice being a family.

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