Saturday, September 1, 2007


So the baby has been acting like she's ready for and really wants solids. I however, want her to wait until she's at least 6 months old, which wont be until Sept 21st. So the mommies on my message board suggested giving her a "momsicle" or frozen breastmilk. They now sell these nifty mesh baggies that are attached to a handle for you to stick food in. The mesh prevents large chuncks of the food getting stuck in babies throat. It think the concept is gross but it could work for the momsicle.

So today I took out a cube of frozen milk and stuck it in the baggie and gave it to Tira. She didn't quite get it. So instead I cut up the cube so it was like a slushie and decided to try and spoon feed the baby. She HATED it! Her's a video of her second taste of frozen BM:


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Marissa Fischer said...

You're right wah wah that's sick don't let them make you eat that nastiness...them them you want cheese!