Saturday, September 8, 2007


In responce to an incident in Kentucky, 96 Applebees in 43 states had protesters outside their stores today. Included in those protests were us! Pnut, g-ma, and I made the long haul up to San Dimas, CA to protest Applebees pathetic breastfeeding policy (i.e. you must cover up to nurse your baby in the resturant which is just plain ILLEGAL!). Here's us getting ready to go:

It was a lot of fun. We ran into Dee and John from our breastfeeding workshops and met and bunch of new mommies and babies. The manager of that particular Applebees was awesome, he brought us out nice cold waters and told us that he was a father of 5 kids who were ALL BREASTFEED! We had a lot of people honk in "support" though the majority of those people were 20something yr old guys who were just excited at the thought of naked boobies. Here are more pictures from our protest!
G-ma was really into the protest!
Dee, John, Me and Tira!
The 3 seconds Tira decided to nurse for. Even then she kept pulling off.
More Pictures!

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