Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Baby's First Cold - Kind of

Saturday Tira had her usual swimming lesson, only this time the water was icy cold! Grandma and I braved the water but I bailed after nursing Tira mid-way through the lesson. G-ma was a trooper and stuck it out. Trooper or sucker? She ended up catching a cold. And yesterday Tira picked it up. It's BARELY a cold! All she has is a runny nose. But let me tell you all it took was runny nose to keep this little terror up all night. She thought that just because she got 2 hours of sleep then woke up because she was all stuffed up it was then play time. LOL! She did not like the suction bulb either. Ohh man did she scream and yell and us whenever we got near her with it. A couple of times I managed to sneak up behind her and get her, but it really didn't do much good. She seems to be better tonight. She hasn't woken up yet. So hopefully she will STTN and wake up as my happy little angel instead of the snot monster (actually she's been really sweet and happy through this, she only cries or gets upset when you try and wipe/suck her nose).


Marissa Fischer said...
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Marissa Fischer said...

wah, did you see the picture of the cute baby and your mommy? it's on the raegun blog