Thursday, October 25, 2007

Baby's First Flight!!

So I’ve been the uber-slacker and haven’t done a single post since I said I was going to post regularly! But today it all changes – I’m going to post the catch up ones and I’m going to post at least every other day! So here we go:

On October 28, 2007 Tira became a world traveler! She took her first flight to Thailand! What a way to start off! It wasn’t some boring short flight to Arizona or even what American’s consider a long flight over to the East coast. No she did it right and took a 17 hour long flight to Thailand!

Friday was a crazy mad rush to get everything ready for our trip. Traveling in true Lelanuja/Moore style we needed 3 cars to get us and all of our luggage to the airport! Mommy and Daddy went in one car, Grandma and baby went with Nani and Hanna, and the luggage went with Aunty Lexus (the life saver!). LAX was of course a mad house and it took forever to park and even longer to get checked in. Here’s my little jet setter waiting in line:

After the hour it took just to check in, we saw that the security line was enormous so instead of sitting and spending time with everyone we went and got in yet another line! Once we got to the front of security it was time to say good bye. It was very very sad. Pnut knew what was going on and she was sad to be leaving her Nani and daddy. But I promised her she could talk to him on the phone and send him e-mails so she was happy.
Once inside we went to our terminal and decided to take a nap:
Then it was time to board and away we went. Tira was a perfect angel on the flight! She slept and ate and played. Here are some of her pictures:

Sleeping in the bassinet the airline provided (our flight left a 1:30am so baby was a tired monkey):
(see the old lady in the back ground – she was on her way to Vietnam, she spoke no English and no Chinese. So no one could communicate with her! Brave eh?)

Baby just woke up:
Playing with Mommy :
Cant go any where with out Mr lion:
Look at me I’m super cool – can’t touch this da na na na

Baby got her first taste of Jok on the plane! It’s the same a kow thom. Yummy:

We had a lay over in Taipei. The descent was a little rough on baby because she wouldn’t stay latched on. It helps her to be eating during take off and landing because the sucking helps with the pressure in her ears. But soon enough it was over and we were strolling through the Taipei airport. It was more like a mall/museum then an airport! There were tons of stores and art exhibits. But best of all there was a Hello Kitty play area (which is part of the Hello Kitty terminal) and changing/nursing room (of course we found the changing room after we did baby’s diaper in the bathroom). Check out big girl Tira playing in Hello Kitty land:

In front of the play vanity:

Playing with G-ma on the awesome slide:

Me and baby in the Hello Kitty Terminal (makes LAX look really blah):

The Hello Kitty Nursery Room – every airport, mall, store, public place should have one of these. There was a nursing room, changing tables, hot water for bottles, a sink, a crib, diapers, wipes, pretty much everything you could think of! G-ma and I took a Taiwanese diaper for a souvenir.

After touring the airport, we sent a quick e-mail off to daddy, G-ma and I had a quick snack (siao lung bao) all while baby slept on my back in the Ergo. If you’re traveling with a baby you need an Ergo! It was a life saver.

The flight from Taipei to BKK was a short 4.5 hours. Of course baby waited until we were descending to start grunting and turning red – ie. Pooping! We had to wait for everyone else to get off the plane and then use the tiny airplane bathroom to wash her butt. Then we were off. Great-grandma’s friend works at the airport so he had someone meet us. I think there was some kind of communication problem because he showed up with wheelchair. Ohh well it was good for pushing our extraordinary amount of carry on luggage. We went through immigration, where Tira just had to put her foot in her mouth (literally) while they were taking her picture. Then we got our 5 ginormous suitcases and went to meet grandpa for the first time!

All and all it was a great trip! Tira was an angel and we all made it safe and sound!

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