Saturday, October 27, 2007


Baby is now just over 7 months old and has tried a variety of different foods. After the failed banana attempt of --- we waited. On the airplane to Taipei I spontaneously gave her a little taste of my Jok which she surprisingly seemed to like. Since we had Jok for breakfast for the first week I was here, Tira got to eat quite a bit of it! After that we gave her bananas, then avocados, then baby oatmeal, and our last try was sweet potatoes. She’s seemed to like all but sweet potatoes. Today Grandpa fed her for the first time and she got her first mixed food – oatmeal and bananas!! You still need to coax her into opening her mouth by opening your mouth first and then after she’s taken a bite it’s like the Lakers just won the playoffs with all the cheering and clapping!! But hey whatever works. We haven’t bothered with a food mill or processor just a good old fork and some fresh mommy’s milk. It works great. Here are some pictures of her eating:

First taste of baby oatmeal:

Random pictures:

I forgot to mention it but we’ve been trying to give her a sippy cup which hasn’t worked out so well. She doesn’t seem to get anything out of it. When I tried the sippy cup I couldn’t get anything out either! But yesterday at swimming we saw a little 8 month old who was drinking out of a straw, so that’s our next mission. Here are pictures of her first attempt at the sippy cup:

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Marissa Fischer said...

I miss you wah wah I'm so glad they finally got you a crib. I give you a big fat smooch on you cheeks. Tell your mama to tell me where those pics are and tell grandma to put the pics of me and uncle muslces on that site so we can have them