Friday, October 26, 2007

Typical Thursday in Thailand

So true to my word I’m taking a break from my catch up and I’m going to post about our day yesterday! It was fantabulous! A seriously perfect Thursday! Yesterday morning we went through our normal routine. Baby wakes up I give her to g-ma and g-pa who play with her (since she’s sweetest and happiest in the morning) and I get an extra hour of sleep. Today I got on the computer instead and fiddled around online. Then we had breakfast. My mom had yummy omelets and baby had oatmeal! She’s starting to actually eat it. After that g-ma and g-pa and baby took the dog for a walk while I bloged. When they got back baby went down for her nap.

When she got up we went to the Polo club. G-pa and I went up to the work out room and exercised while G-ma waited with baby, since she had fallen asleep. When she got up we took her to the brand new kiddy pool to swim. She had such a blast! She’s so cute and I swear she’s getting a great tan! She’s got my skin so no matter how much sun screen you put on her she’ll tan. But it looks beautiful! We tried out her new floaty – which she loved! The only problem was her licking up the pool water. Here’s some pictures:

After that we had some lunch and went shopping. Baby had fallen sleep while we were shopping but woke up as soon as I tried to put her to bed. She did this again while we were watching Heros. Baby decided she didn’t want to go to bed and stayed up for all three episodes of the show! She played with her toys and practiced standing (her newest favorite past time) and finally by the end was cranky. But still wouldn’t go to sleep. So g-ma mobied her and spent the next 20 minutes singing and bouncing to get her to finally go down!

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