Tuesday, November 13, 2007

The Lost Hilltribe of Red Haired Blue Eyed Babies

Check out my little "chao khao" from the infamous lost tribe of Red Haired Blue Eyed Babies:

November 24th is Loy Kra Tong, which is the Thai Festival of Lights. In order to celebrate properly Tira needed a traditional Thai outfit so her grandma and great aunty sugar found this! The pants are called "jung ga bangs" and the top is common among the 65 year olds here. How does she look?

These last two pictures were taken at Grandma Nat's (formally Pat's) amazing penthouse suite!

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Marissa Fischer said...

wah wah are you walking? that's rediculous you are a baby. Is this your way of dealing with the lack of carpetting in Thailand? Just skip the crawling?