Saturday, November 3, 2007

New Accomplishments and Milestones!!

We've now been in Thailand for a month! And boy has Tira changed in just one month, its completely amazing! I swear she's growing up way way to fast.

When we first arrived, Tira had not yet mastered the art of crawling. In fact all she could do was get up on all fours and rock. Now not only can she crawl but she can stand and if she's holding on to something "walk"! The first time we saw her pull her self up to stand was 10/19/07. Now she doesn't have to pull herself up either, she can be in the middle of the room with nothing around her and get up into the standing position! :-O I was going to post pictures of her standing but the only ones I have are of her naked in the bathtub! LOL so instead here's video of her standing. I love that she gets so excited that she waves her arms!


On Saturday 10/06/07 Tira's first tooth broke through to the surface. It was her bottom right one. Not even 2 week later on 10/18/07 her second tooth popped up! It was the bottom left one! We were all worried about how this would effect her nursing but so far we haven't really had any problems. Right after the second toopher popped up I'm pretty sure she "tested" me. She bite me 3 times during two different nursing sessions. The first time was quick and I was too shocked to do anything about it. The next two times I took her off and said "no biting that hurts mommy." And she screamed at me for taking her off but after that there's been no more biting!! I think she's getting another tooth because she's been chewing and drooling like a madman these last two days! Here's some pictures of her toophers:

If you look really really close at this first one you can barely see the tooth popping through
In her dorky hat!
The cutest bumble bee with teeth ever seen!
I've already posted about her swimming lessons and new foods. She's been babbling a lot lately. Maybe we'll be hearing her first word in a few weeks! My money is on "naughty" or "no" since those are the two words she hears the most!

Yet another milestone would be her funny facial expressions. She can mimic you now. Check out the video of her blowing raspberries.

Also if you're eating she will make the chewing motion as if to say "hey look I can do it too!!" And of course we have video of it.

Her newest thing is to scrunch up her nose like a little bunny, it's seriously the cutest thing EVER! This face has proven nearly impossible to catch on camera but I do have an ok picture of it. Not great but it will do.

I just re-read the post and I cannot believe that she's done all that in just the last month! She's growing up way to fast. I don't know what was wrong with me a couple months back when I actually wished she would be more active and worried that she was not doing enough stuff! Typical FTM stupidity. Now I wish I could go back and just enjoy cuddling with my baby and holding her for hours. I'm now lucky if she will sit still long enough for me to nurse her! While I'm excited to see what new and amazing things she will do/discover next, I'm in no rush for my baby to grow up.

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