Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Update from the Slacker Mommy

Happy Thanksgiving, Happy Birthday King Bhumibol Adulyadej, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!

Can we say "slacker mommy"? Yah I'm a little behind on my postings but I have good reasons. 1) Since it was the holiday season there was tons to do, 2) Mikie was here visiting (yahh), and 3) I'm a lazy bum. Ok so maybe #3 isn't a good reason but it's the biggest.

I'm going to do some catch up postings about Chiang Mai, Hanging out with Daddy, the Pox, Hua Hin, and Baby's First Christmas, but first an update. My last post on Tira's new accomplishments and milestones was nearly 2 months ago. For me 2 months is nothing - I blink and 2 months have gone by and nothing has changed about myself. However 2 months is 22% of my baby's life and therefore huge things have happened.

Talking - yes my baby has progressed from random sounds to actual babbling to actual words! She started saying "mama" and "papa" on 12/6 and "dada" on 12/9. She is constantly "talking" now, will yell or cough to get your attention and can vocalize her emotions very clearly.

Action - Tira is truly a Thai baby. She can now "wai" (the Thai version of shaking hands) people beautifully! I'll try and snag a picture of it. She's just too freaking adorable! She's the master of the one-legged-crab-crawl and can actually move very very fast! We've all relaxed a little (read: a lot) and let her crawl around the house as long as someone is close by (there's no carpeting here so a face plant on marble floors hurts a lot more than a face plant on carpet). Tira has also take her first steps!! I'm very happy to say that she took her first steps in front of her daddy a few days before he left as a special goodbye present for him. She actually took 3 steps all by herself again today. Most of the time she will stand up, think about walking, then decide to play it safe and sit down and crawl. I haven't been able to capture her steps on video yet but believe you me I am trying! She can also clap!

Food - she's still a boobie monster! LOL!! I plan on letting her self-wean and as of right now she shows absolutely no signs of slowing down, let alone stopping. However baby LOVES food! Not mushy gross who can blame you for not wanting to eat it baby food but real table food. In addition to what she was eating before Tira has now had qoew tiew (the Thai version of Pho), bread (so much for no gluten before 12 months), watermelon, chicken, ramen, and a taste of cookies and ice cream (hey it was the holidays and I only gave her a teeny tiny bite). She's also tried potatoes (she doesn't like them mashed but loves them fried up as breakfast potatoes), broccoli, green beans, and probably other stuff that I just can't remember right now. One of her favorite things to chew on are her homemade all natural, gluten-dairy-and-egg-free teething biscuits. We call them "turds" Can you see why?

Physical changes - I swear she is at least 30 lbs and 35+ inches by now (ok maybe a little bit of an exaggeration)! The scales and measurements at the doctor's office show her about the same as when we left LA. They HAVE to be wrong. I know this because of simple things like before she could walk under the table in her walker and not hit her head now she has to duck. I'm pretty sure she's close to 30 inches and around 20 lbs, but we don't know for sure because I can't find a reliable scale to save my life. She's definitely getting longer and slimmer. She's not nearly as round as she was when we first got here. She's getting in more hair every day but I still consider her fairly bald. In fact she's way behind her grand-aunty sugar whose hair has come in quickly since stopping chemo. She also has her 2 top teeth (making a grand total of 4 toophers!) which came in together on 12/5.
There's so much more but I just can't think of it all right now! Sorry about the lack of pictures but in addition to being a blogging slacker I was also a mamarazzi slacker too!