Saturday, June 28, 2008

The alien growing in my tummy!

Ok so I showed you how Tira has grown over the last 15 months. Here's a collage of p2's growth. It's not a very detailed posting because I'm a bad mommy and didn't take weekly (or even monthly) pictures of my growing tummy but here's what I have:

17 weeks:


20 weeks:


28 weeks (tummy):


28 weeks (ultrasound):


32 weeks:

Notice how the tummy is pointy and high up. We're thinking p2 is going to be a boy :-O ahhhh I don't know what to do with a boy (except don't leave the diaper off for too long unless you want to get sprayed in the face!). Also the Thai's believe that if you're belly button pops out that you'll have a boy and if it stays in you'll have a girl. Well I'm 95% sure that my belly button stayed in with Tira, but this pregnancy it has totally popped out!!


alexis o said...

the ultrasound!!!

i cant wait. august will be a good month...

-moi said...

I miss miss miss you.
Congrats on the Sequel! Ahh! I was shocked--- please send me your email address, and we can set up a time to IM in real time. Loves, hugs and kisses to Tira and Mommy (and of course Gma and Uncle Pat and Sugy)