Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Catch Up - First Trip to the ER

So I'm trying to do a little catch up and blog about old events (you know the small things like Thanksgiving, Christmas, daddy's trip out here, Chiang Mai etc). Anywho, on our second trip up to Chiang Mai (back around Thanksgiving 2007) we had our first trip to the ER. It started out with pnut and I taking a shower. She was sitting on the floor of the shower and I was standing. My mom was in the bathroom and we were chatting. I can't remember if she reached for a toy or just lost her balance and fell but she fell backwards and smacked her head on the edge of the shower stall. And ohh my goodness that was the first time I had ever heard her screaming and doing the I'm seriously hurt cry. We immediately rushed out of the shower and put ice packs on her head. I gave her boobie - ohh the magic calming boobie, seriously how do formula feeding mommies do it? - but she would suck for a few seconds and then cry again. I was crying along with her. Ohh it broke my heart! Finally my uncle picked us up and we raced off to the ER, I nursed her the whole way and tried to not let her fall asleep. We got a little lost but eventually found the hospital and we raced in. It had been at least 45 minutes since the accident. They took her in and with in a few minutes she was surrounded:

One doctor (also a professor at the university), a handful of nurses, and even more interns!
The doctor checked her out and asked us a bunch of questions. He was super nice and very good with Tira. He said we didn't have anything to worry about but to keep any eye on her for any unusual behavior. They didn't charge us which was pretty amazing. Which in a perfect world makes sense because it only took the Dr about 5 minutes and he didn't use any equipment/materials. If only all hospital were about taking care of patients and not making money.
Here's a picture of where she hit her head taken after we got back to the resort. Believe me it looked A LOT worse when it first happened:


me said...

yeah in America she wouldn't have gotten out of there without using machines that's scary I'm glad I didn't know until a lot later...wah and uncle muscles should share a frequent er member card

Tira's Mommy said...

what do you mean frequent?? she only went once!! they tend of over do it "in America" that's why medical costs are so freaking high and people cant even afford insurance :-P