Tuesday, July 22, 2008

My Baby says MAMA!!!

So Tira can now clearly say Mama! And she knows exactly what she wants when she says it. You'd think I'd be ohhh so happy but alas I'm not. Why you ask - because Mama doesn't mean me! It means "I want". Points to the door and says "mama" means I want out, points to the food and says "mama" means I want to eat that, points to the video and says "mama" means I want to watch baby einstein. But never ever ever points to me and says mama :-(


me said...

so she's saying mama I want this, well that works

Tira's Mommy said...

yah wait till you have munchkins and they don't say mama but they say kit-chy (ie. kimchee) :-(

alexis o said...

hahaha.. funny funny. at least she says mama because she knows who will be doing the things for her. ;)