Sunday, July 27, 2008

She's a baby, she's not stupid

In fact I'm pretty sure she's a genius (all parents say that hehe)! She's too smart for her own good. Everyone thinks they can pull a fast one on Tira and then are surprised when it doesn't work. For example Tira LOVES to wear her harness. But when she first started insisting on wearing it it wasn't just the harness it was the leash part too:


She wanted you to walk her around the room, around the tables, around her toys, etc. Sometimes I'd get lazy and just let go but it was fine with her because she just dragged it around like a tail. Well Papa being the paranoid grandfather he is kept taking the leash part off and she would get pissed off and start yelling at him and crying. I tried to tell him she wasn't stupid and she knew that he was taking it off but he didn't believe me.

Here's another example. I was feeding Tira dinner last night and she was doing an ok job of eating. G-ma had made scrumptious cinnamon rolls earlier and walked into the room eating one. Tira immediately stops eating her dinner points at g-ma and the cinnamon roll and goes "ohhhhh"!!! I of course said "great now she's not going to finish her dinner, that's why I ate mine in the kitchen." To which g-ma replied "how does she even know what it is?" She's a baby but she's not stupid.

We've been trying to sneak veggies into her diet since she's started being a picky eater. So today I mixed some pureed veggies into her jok (kowthom) - not a lot just enough to give her a serving of veggies. Yah she took one look at it and gave me a "haha nice try mommy look - I know that's not the way my food normally looks!"

Here's the best example. Yesterday Tira pulled a sour milk out of the refridgerator (sour milk is not sour milk by the way, it's like a yogurt drink, why they call it sour milk is beyond me). She normally drinks it right out of its single serving container using a straw:

But when we do it like that someone has to hold it for her or she'll tip it upside down and spill it everywhere. So g-ma thinking she's smarter than the baby poured it into Tira's sippy cup. Well Tira wanted nothing to do with the sippy cup because she figured there was still only water in it and she wanted her sour milk. So g-ma takes the straw and puts it in the sippy cup so Tira will figure out that the sour milk is in there. Tira starts drinking from the sippy cup like normal with the straw in it (you know lift it up and tip it upside down, vs just drinking out of the straw). Well g-ma started worrying that the straw would slide down Tira's throat (not that it was likely at all since it was stuck in there pretty tight) so she kept trying to take the straw out and Tira would get pissed!! I mean crying and yelling and ohh the mad face she made. G-ma tried 3 times to take the straw away and finally just gave up. Again I tried to tell her, she's not stupid she knows you've taken the straw away and she wants it in there.

After typing out this blog post I've come to the conclusion that its not just that Pnut is not stupid but she's also stubborn as a mule (ie. her father). LOL.


-moi said...

If I comment on your blog, will you return my email ? :)

alexis o said...

she IS a smart little thing...

Sara said...

Tira is so smart! I always find it amazing that adults ( i still don't feel like one ) assume that children don't really understand what is going on when really they do. Hope you are having a good week!