Friday, July 4, 2008

Template and Tickers

As I hope you have noticed I've not only updated the content of our blog but also the look of it! Do you all like the new template? I was inspired by one of my friends who blogs about her mommydom. She is adds new posts practically everyday has changed her background at least 4 or 5 times since I started stalking her. She just changed hers again so I decided it was about time I update ours. I found a couple ready made templates that I really liked and tried each one out in our blog before deciding on this one! Then I thought I should add tickers (see above - one for each of the babies). I really wanted the tickers to be centered and go across the entire blog, similar to what my friend had. Let me tell you it was NOT as easy accomplishment. Let me just say that while I consider myself pretty computer literate, I am definitely NOT a programmer or someone who can write in HTML or code!! AT ALL!! So after about 2 hours reading the HTML and going back and forth between my code and my friends code and trying and failing and trying again and getting close and trying again and still not quite doing it - I think I've come as close as I can to getting what I wanted! It would have been nice for each ticker to be it's own outlined section but there's just no way I can figure it out! I can't believe how much time I've already spent on the silly thing.

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