Friday, July 4, 2008

Thursday and Friday

Today marks our second day of having internet right here at home and I think I've been on the computer more today then I have in the last 3 months!! Trying to make up for lost time I guess.

After spending a considerable amount of time on iVillage I decided that I really want a new siggy and a new heading picture - the one of me and Tira is so old, she doesn't look like that any more!! But as I perused my last few months of pictures I realized all my pictures of Tira are of her either making her ugly face or covered in some type of food!! No cute up close pictures :-( On top of that I think I have maybe 3 pictures of her in clothes!!! I need to do a mini-photo shoot with the poor kid so we can have some memories of her that are of her naked with chocolate pudding smeared all over her face.

Since today was the 4th of July Yai Yai (grandma's new name) made a delicious "American" dinner. Ribs, potato salad, and coleslaw. I think baked beans was originally on the menu but got forgotten. Tira LOVED it and ate a bunch. On top of that Yai Yai made her world famous carrot cake with cream cheese frosting. Yummy! I know p2 and I will be having for a mid-night snack! I sure Tira would have loved the carrot cake too had she not been so distracted by our evening visitors - Uncle Luke and Auntie Rachel. This was Tira's second time seeing Luke (she LOVED Luke the first time she met him) and first time meeting Rachel. She was a little shy (I think because she was pretty tired) but warmed up to them as soon as Luke pulled out his cell phone. She showed them just how comfortable she was with them by peeing all over mommy and the coffee table while we were trying to talk. LOL. It wasn't just a little pee either, it was like a niagara falls pee! By the end of their visit she was smiling and making goofy eyes at them, nodding her head in agreement to whatever we were discussing, and waving bye bye when it was time for her to go to sleep.

Back tracking here a little bit. Yesterday I went to my first BAMBI (bangkok mothers and babies international) Bumps and Babies meeting - since I have both a bump and a baby! I was pretty sure that I'd be the only one in there with a toddler (ack did I actually call my baby a toddler?!) but there were 4 other little ones there around Tira's age. There were also a bunch of itty bitties and of course a bunch of pregnant ladies. Normally they have a topic they discuss and usually a guest speaker - I had thought that they were going to be discussing breastfeeding but alas since it was their first meeting at their new location it was just an informal tea/get-together. It however was nice to meet other pregnant mommies and other mommies with babies Tira's age. It was also good to see how Tira interacted with the other kids. She didn't seem too interested in them while I was watching but when Yai Yai took her into the other room apparently she was enamored by one of the little boys and kept trying to kiss him. hehehe. Of course being me I didn't take my camera so I have no pictures :-( I did get to meet a LC who works out here but she was a little ummm over bearing for my taste. I miss my LC's back at St Josephs - I hope that I wont need any help BFing p2! The next meeting is on the 17th and the topic will be babywearing! I'm excited about that since we went through 4 or 5 different carries with Tira!

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