Saturday, August 23, 2008

Going to the hospital

p2 is being stubborn and has not yet made his/her entrance into the world. My Dr doesn't want me to go over my due date (roll eyes) so I'm going to the hospital in a few hours. Apparently I need to be there the day before the surgery to get prepped. Hopefully p2 will decided to show up before tomorrow morning but either way we will be meeting our new bundle of joy in just over 24 hours!! Please pray for an easy labor and/or a smooth uncomplicated c-section.

I'll post pictures and the birth story when we get home from the hospital, I don't think I'll be able to explain to anyone here how to blog.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Are they Serious?

Ok so I just HAD to post this to spread the joy of laughter to my Thai friends and the joy of shock to my non Thai friends. Here's a picture of the toilets on the OB FLOOR at my hospital:

Seriously how do they expect these ginormously pregnant women to not only balance enough to squat, not get pee all over their feet and pants/shorts, not fall in the toilet, AND catch the pee in a tiny little cup while not peeing on their hand?? Lets not even get into trying to get up from the squatting position while holding a cup of pee and your shorts! LOL!

There are only two stalls in the restroom that have normal toilet seats and this sign is posted above them:

ROFL - where are the person's clothes??? And why is the person practially in the toilet with her feet off the floor?

Finally - we decided to go have p2 at Chula because they are supposed to have the best Drs and the most state of the art equipment as seen in this picture:

Huh, guess all the wheel chair money went to pay for the nice flat screen TVs in the waiting room on the OB Floor.

Update on p2

It's getting sooooooo close!!! p2 is now almost 38 weeks along. I'm feeling well crappy - tired, sore, achy, bitchy, etc. Daddy arrives this Friday so p2 has to wait until then, but come Saturday I will be doing everything in my power to get this kid out! LOL!

We had another Dr's appointment Thursday which went well. The Dr. was only 2 hours late this time. G-ma and I had a bet going I said he'd get there at 11:58 and she said not until well after noon (he's supposed to be there at 10). He showed up at 11:52 haha! All of the original preggers who were seeing him when I first started have all had their babies so I have a whole new group of women to wait with, none of which actually even look pregnant yet. There were about 5 ladies ahead of me and G-ma timed how long he took with each one, I think the longest was 4 minutes LOL. He of course takes much longer with me because I'm that obnoxious farang who looks like a thai and has a thai id card but can't speak thai and asks lots of questions. My tummy size is right on (to the jerk off who saw me at my appointment a month ago - go jump off a bridge for not checking your interns work and making me wait an extra 3 hours for an unnecessary u/s, there's no way my tummy grew 4 cms in two weeks! idiot), good heart beat, lots of movement (yah like I needed him to tell me that), head down butt up and legs kicking to the right. Dr says that baby is about 3kg or 6.6lbs, how he can tell that just from pushing around my tummy is beyond me!

We have a plan of action! I am going for a VBAC (vaginal birth after cesarean)!!!!! If p2 does not show up by Aug 22nd then I'll go for the c/s (since the Dr. only does operations on Fridays and I don't want to go 5 days past my due date). Please send prayers and positive thoughts my way that p2 will decided to show his/her beautiful face before the 22nd and I'll have a smooth and easy labor.

Here are some more belly shots:
37 weeks:



38 weeks:

I don't think I'm any where near as big as I was with Tira at this point. What do you think?

LOL I was much rounder with Tira, p2 is pointy!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008


Tira loves music and lately she's been "singing along". She loves songs with hand motions - her original favorite was Itsy Bitsy Spider, she would even do the spider motion. Then she started doing Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes - touching both her knees and toes and then her mouth and nose. Next she figured out If You're Happy and You Know it. She can do all the motions but sometimes gets confused on which is which. I've been trying to get these all on video but as soon as she sees the camera she forgets about singing and only wants to see the "baby" (ie. her picture on the camera screen).

Her newest accomplishment is "sing" Old McDonald. And lucky lucky you I was able to capture it on video (please ignore the retarded mommy who picked rooster as the animal of choice then screwed up the song):


Sunday, August 3, 2008

She Speaks!

So Tira is now 16 months old and though she's not "talking" she does say a few words and she jibber jabbers all the time! Here's her vocabulary:

kitchi - kimchee
yai yai - this is more of a yell direct at anyone rather than calling g-ma
peeoow - peek a boo
ga - go
mama - means give me :-(
mumum - i want to eat that
bay beh - baby (and she signs this)
'appy - happy but it refers to the happy birthday sign that's still up in the dining room
kaka - anything icky, gross, poopy, pee pee
gaw gone - all gone

Grandma seems to think she can say yes/ya but I've never heard her.

That's all I can think of for now. It's actually a pretty good list. According to the other Muffin mommies at 15 months babies should be saying around 3-5 words and understanding commands. So we're doing good! She also lets you know when she sees birds by doing this high pitched squeak/squeal that would make Mariah Carey jealous! LOL I'll try and get it on video.


Don't have much to say unless you want to listen to me bitch about my aching back and legs. So I thought I'd do some sprinkles!!

Goober face:


Going poop face (LOL - how cute is that?!):


My attempt at cute pictures of Pnut, since she inisted on wearing her party dress to take Kimchi for a walk... Yah they didn't turn out the best but I had a hard time staying in front of her and getting "down to her level".



Me and p2 at 36 weeks: