Saturday, August 9, 2008

Are they Serious?

Ok so I just HAD to post this to spread the joy of laughter to my Thai friends and the joy of shock to my non Thai friends. Here's a picture of the toilets on the OB FLOOR at my hospital:

Seriously how do they expect these ginormously pregnant women to not only balance enough to squat, not get pee all over their feet and pants/shorts, not fall in the toilet, AND catch the pee in a tiny little cup while not peeing on their hand?? Lets not even get into trying to get up from the squatting position while holding a cup of pee and your shorts! LOL!

There are only two stalls in the restroom that have normal toilet seats and this sign is posted above them:

ROFL - where are the person's clothes??? And why is the person practially in the toilet with her feet off the floor?

Finally - we decided to go have p2 at Chula because they are supposed to have the best Drs and the most state of the art equipment as seen in this picture:

Huh, guess all the wheel chair money went to pay for the nice flat screen TVs in the waiting room on the OB Floor.


alexis o said...

hahahahaha... so so thailand..

dej4 said...

i thought the same thing...SO THAI.. just like the sign for baby changing table that is not there in the re-done bathroom...