Saturday, August 9, 2008

Update on p2

It's getting sooooooo close!!! p2 is now almost 38 weeks along. I'm feeling well crappy - tired, sore, achy, bitchy, etc. Daddy arrives this Friday so p2 has to wait until then, but come Saturday I will be doing everything in my power to get this kid out! LOL!

We had another Dr's appointment Thursday which went well. The Dr. was only 2 hours late this time. G-ma and I had a bet going I said he'd get there at 11:58 and she said not until well after noon (he's supposed to be there at 10). He showed up at 11:52 haha! All of the original preggers who were seeing him when I first started have all had their babies so I have a whole new group of women to wait with, none of which actually even look pregnant yet. There were about 5 ladies ahead of me and G-ma timed how long he took with each one, I think the longest was 4 minutes LOL. He of course takes much longer with me because I'm that obnoxious farang who looks like a thai and has a thai id card but can't speak thai and asks lots of questions. My tummy size is right on (to the jerk off who saw me at my appointment a month ago - go jump off a bridge for not checking your interns work and making me wait an extra 3 hours for an unnecessary u/s, there's no way my tummy grew 4 cms in two weeks! idiot), good heart beat, lots of movement (yah like I needed him to tell me that), head down butt up and legs kicking to the right. Dr says that baby is about 3kg or 6.6lbs, how he can tell that just from pushing around my tummy is beyond me!

We have a plan of action! I am going for a VBAC (vaginal birth after cesarean)!!!!! If p2 does not show up by Aug 22nd then I'll go for the c/s (since the Dr. only does operations on Fridays and I don't want to go 5 days past my due date). Please send prayers and positive thoughts my way that p2 will decided to show his/her beautiful face before the 22nd and I'll have a smooth and easy labor.

Here are some more belly shots:
37 weeks:



38 weeks:

I don't think I'm any where near as big as I was with Tira at this point. What do you think?

LOL I was much rounder with Tira, p2 is pointy!

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