Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Chunker Monkers

My beautiful little Lanna Anne came in to the world at the tiny little weight of 7lbs 6ozs. Yesterday (I wrot this 2 weeks ago and forgot to post!) I had my 1 month check up and after weighing in I strapped Lanna into the moby. For kicks and giggles I jumped back on the scale to see how much Lanna weighed. I had to get on and off 3 times and check my pockets to make sure someone hadn't snuck weights in there because what the scale was saying could NOT be right. Lanna could not weight 5.4kgs! I did the math in my head but decided I was doing it wrong. So I whipped out my cell phone to convert the weight and low and behold I was right. My not even 5 week old baby weighed a whopping 11lbs 14ozs!!! That's 2 ozs away from 12lbs! The piggly wiggly has gained 4lbs 8oz in under 5 weeks. I can't blame it ALL on her though my oversupply of extra creamy milk has a little to do with it LOL.

Here are some pictures of the chunker monkers in all her rolly polly glory:

Bubble bath and Champagne

So this morning I was rudely awaken by grunting and groaning and of course squeaking. Lanna lay next to me still fast asleep, arms flung over her head, being noisy as can be. Her little legs kept crunching up to her tummy and I could tell she was working on a big 'ole fart or a big 'ole blow out diaper. Since she's been farting up a storm, a very stinky storm, for two days now and she hadn't pooped since Friday I was pretty sure it would be the latter. I sleepily rubbed her tummy hoping that would quiet her down and fell back asleep for another 15 minutes. Then the grunting and groaning started again. So I took her into the bathroom and began bicycling her legs and rubbing her tummy. I swear it sounded like a nuclear bomb went off in her diaper! I let her be for another couple of minutes to make sure she was finished then we hopped into the shower together. After a good butt wash we were enjoying the warm shower and next thing I know the little tick found something yummy! To go along with her nice warm bath was some nice warm moo juice. Grandma and I joked that it was like us sitting in a nice bubble bath drinking a glass of champagne. Ahh the good life.

Monday, September 29, 2008


Just cause my girls are so darn cute!

The first time Tira's gotten to hold Lanna:
Lanna being cute in her bouncy chair - she will stay in it for a whole minute!

Me and the girls looking all hawt after gran gran's party:

Tira being uber-cute at the park! The lighting was perfect for pictures but my subjects were no cooperating so this is the best picture from that trip:

Lanna enjoying her nap:

Beautiful baby feet!

Friday, September 26, 2008

Catch Up

Ok I've been a slacker but there's been a lot going on and well yah I'm just a slacker. But here I am once again catching up. The last two weeks have been quite eventful. After Daddy left we had about a week of clam and then the excitement started.

Gran-gran's birthday was September 15th and to surprise her Uncle Bobby and Madelynn flew out. We worked hard to keep it a surprise and it's a good thing that she's 80 and it's easy for her to miss things because both Mikie and Papa let it slip. But she didn't pick up on it, so Sept 11 (which happens to be U. Bobby's birthday) we convinced gran-gran to come over because "Papa and G-ma were busy and I needed help watching the babies". Once here G-ma's "plans" fell through so she took gran-gran shopping. It was timed perfectly! Papa brought U. Bobby and Madelynn back from the airport about 15 minutes before g-ma and gran gran got back home. We had U. Bobby and Madelynn waiting at the door when gran-gran got there. She was so excited! Poor Tira didn't understand what was going on and the excitement was too much for the tired baby so she ended up bawling her eyes out LOL. Here are some pictures of the reunion:

G-ma also single-handedly planned an awesome surprise party for gran-gran!! This too went through with out a hitch. On the 15th we told gran-gran we were going to take her out for a nice lunch to celebrate her 80th. So we all got dressed up and the first car load of people took off to the restaurant. Then gran-gran, papa, tira and I followed. As we pulled into the restaurant parking lot gran-gran goes "hey that's Silvi's driver" and then she see one of the ladies getting out of her car and she says "hey I know her, we play MaJang together". I was laughing my butt off at this point because she still hadn't put two and two together. Finally we get out of the car and there are like 3 of her friends in the parking lot and she finally figured it out.

The party was a hit, the food was fantabulous, and everyone had a great time. No 80th birthday party would be complete without a signed birthday letter from Mr and Mrs Baby Bush (also courtesy of the amazing g-ma). Here's pictures of the presidential card and the party:

Uncle Bobby and Madelynn stayed for about 10 days and had tons of fun shopping, eating and hanging out. Madelynn was great with Tira and it was nice for Tira to have another kid to play with. Here are pictures of their trip:

G-ma's birthday was September 22nd and she decided to do something low key. She made a scrumptious cheesecake and the most delicious chicken Alfredo you've ever had! What a way to spend your 25th birthday ;-)

Tira turned 18 months on the 21st and Lanna turned a month of the 25th. ::sigh:: My babies are growing up too fast.

Ohh yes this past week I've been a good mommy and went to some of my mommy groups. Last Thursday I went to Bumps and Babies, which is a mommy group for those who are pregnant or who've newly given birth put on by BAMBI. I took Lanna and it was a ton of fun. The topic of discussion was breastfeeding so me and a few other were experienced "old hands" and were able to give out a lot of good advice. Everyone was fascinated with the moby and Lanna was a great model sleeping in it for almost the entire meeting. The next day Lanna and I went to the Bangkok Babywearing Club meeting. That was my first time there and it too was super fun (not to mention the yummy starbucks coffee and muffins!). It was really interesting to see all the wraps and carriers from around the world. And I got some hands on instruction on how to use my pouch carrier (but Lanna and I both still prefer the moby). I also got to meet a bunch of other mommies. Next time I'm bringing Tira because there were a bunch of other toddlers there and a cool play area for them. This past Wednesday I went to another "playgroup" for toddlers and carted both Tira and Lanna. It was ummm ok not exactly what I wanted. It was more of a mommy group then a playgroup for the kiddos so I'm going to continue looking for something for Tira. But here are some pictures of my adorable muffin playing (NOTE THAT THAT FREAKING GORGEOUS OUTFIT SHE HAS ONE IS OF COURSE FROM HER TALENTED AUNTY RISSA - IT'S HER "I'M A BIG SISTER DRESS"):

Happy 1 Month Birthday Lanna!!

I can't believe it's already been a month since little Lanna graced us with her presence! She's already changed so much. She went from chicken legs to a chuncky monkey and a quiet baby to a howling cat (LOL I'll try and get this one video). She's already so alert and makes eye contact with you. Before you know it she's going to be running around and talking back. Here are some sprinkles of my big girl:

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Happy Half Birthday Tira!!

Happy Half Birthday Tiraya!! It seems like just yesterday you looked like this:

And even though you'll always be my baby you're now a big girl! You walk, sometimes run, you talk (with both your voice and your hands), you can feed yourself and clean yourself, you've got the most amazing personality, and you're smarter than a lot of grown up I know! I love you so much and as much as I want to keep you my tiny baby, I also can't wait to see what you're going to learn next and what amazing things you'll accomplish as you grow up.

Here's to many many many more half birthdays to come! I love you little angel.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Dancing Queen

Tira is my dancing queen!! She loves all music - even the crappy thai stuff they play here - and she LOVES to dance. I've finally caught some on video. This video is the perfect example of what a good mommy I am - if you listen closely you will note that the music video Tira is dancing to is some good ol' wholesome age appropriate RAP (Fergie and some rapper, not sure who)!! I told Mike I shouldn't be listening to that stuff while preggers because Tira loves it!


My Girls

Here are some sprinkles of by two beautiful angels:

Sleepy heads:

Tira pretending to feed herself:

Tira pretending to feed Lanna:

The older one just being cute: