Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Bubble bath and Champagne

So this morning I was rudely awaken by grunting and groaning and of course squeaking. Lanna lay next to me still fast asleep, arms flung over her head, being noisy as can be. Her little legs kept crunching up to her tummy and I could tell she was working on a big 'ole fart or a big 'ole blow out diaper. Since she's been farting up a storm, a very stinky storm, for two days now and she hadn't pooped since Friday I was pretty sure it would be the latter. I sleepily rubbed her tummy hoping that would quiet her down and fell back asleep for another 15 minutes. Then the grunting and groaning started again. So I took her into the bathroom and began bicycling her legs and rubbing her tummy. I swear it sounded like a nuclear bomb went off in her diaper! I let her be for another couple of minutes to make sure she was finished then we hopped into the shower together. After a good butt wash we were enjoying the warm shower and next thing I know the little tick found something yummy! To go along with her nice warm bath was some nice warm moo juice. Grandma and I joked that it was like us sitting in a nice bubble bath drinking a glass of champagne. Ahh the good life.

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