Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Chunker Monkers

My beautiful little Lanna Anne came in to the world at the tiny little weight of 7lbs 6ozs. Yesterday (I wrot this 2 weeks ago and forgot to post!) I had my 1 month check up and after weighing in I strapped Lanna into the moby. For kicks and giggles I jumped back on the scale to see how much Lanna weighed. I had to get on and off 3 times and check my pockets to make sure someone hadn't snuck weights in there because what the scale was saying could NOT be right. Lanna could not weight 5.4kgs! I did the math in my head but decided I was doing it wrong. So I whipped out my cell phone to convert the weight and low and behold I was right. My not even 5 week old baby weighed a whopping 11lbs 14ozs!!! That's 2 ozs away from 12lbs! The piggly wiggly has gained 4lbs 8oz in under 5 weeks. I can't blame it ALL on her though my oversupply of extra creamy milk has a little to do with it LOL.

Here are some pictures of the chunker monkers in all her rolly polly glory:

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marissa said...

oh my gosh she's huge, I think we've got a new sexy sumo champion