Thursday, September 4, 2008

Introducing Lanna Anne

I know I know I'm soooo slow posting this!! But between getting home from the hospital, taking care of myself and the little ones and spending time with Mike before he left (which was just a few minutes ago) I just haven't had the time or energy. Anyway, here's p2's birth story:

My last doctor's visit was August 21st and my dr basically said he didn't want me going past my due date. So the plan was that if I didn't go into labor before the 25th that I would go ahead and have a c-section. Well I didn't go into labor, I don't think I progressed at all - but we'll never know because they don't check here.

The hospital policy is to check in the day before. So on Sunday the 24th, we all crammed ourselves into the car and went to Chula. They wanted me there before 11am, even though my section wasn't scheduled until noon the next day. We figured I could check in throw my stuff in the room and then we'd go to Sports Club have a nice lunch and take Tira swimming, then drop me back off at the hospital. No luck. They said once I was checked in I was their responsibility and I couldn't leave.

So after I got situated in my room G-ma took Mike out to show him where everything was around the hospital (food, cafeteria, grocery store, skytrain, etc). And look at what I got when they came back :-D:

After that Grandma, Papa, and Tira took off to go swimming and Mike and I just hung around the room. We played cards all day and watched really bad TV (they had Aljazeer and an all Indian channel!!!) Tira and the grands were going to come back by but pnut was tired and cranky so they just went home instead. While Mike and I were killing time various doctors came to see me, all except my doctor. This very young girl came in and check me and told me I'd probably have surgery around 11am. We still don't know what her roll was in the whole operation was but she check me everyday I was in the hospital. Then an even younger guy came in and asked a bunch of questions and I found out he was a resident and my anesthesiology. Umm yah no - I made a point to make sure that the person doing my spinal was a real doctor not some 20 year old resident!

Monday morning I was rudely awoken at 6 am by the very loud nurses barging into the room to prep me. Then began the waiting game. Mind you they made me stop eating at midnight. Tira and my parents came around 10:30. 11 came and went, 12 came and went, 1 came and went, 2 came and went. Here's a picture of me getting in some laste minute cuddles with my big baby:
By this point I was soooo hungry that I didn't care that I wasn't going to get my chance at a natural labor I just wanted the stupid thing over with so I could eat!! Finally just before 3 they came to get me.
Everyone came downstairs with me and waved to me as they wheeled me into the operating area.
Once there I got my spinal (by the head Dr not the resident), they got everything ready and were already well on their way before I even realized that they had started. It was a little scary being alone but the anesthesiologist was great and talked to me the whole time. There was only one point during the operation were I couldn't see anyone but that only lasted for about 30 seconds. At 3:27 they pulled baby from my tummy and I asked the doctor if it was a boy or a girl. The dr proudly announce it was a GIRL! And I said "a what??" haha, I was so sure I was having a boy that I made him say it again. And while Tira came out quiet as a mouse (I was sure there was something wrong because it felt like forever before she cried) Lanna came out screaming her tiny lungs out. Apparently since she wasn't ready to come out naturally, being rudely pulled from her nice warm home was not her idea of a fun Monday. They brought her over for me to see and she stopped crying. Then they whisked her off to the pediatrician and finished up with me. It felt like it took them FOREVER to finish the surgery.

I spent only an hour and a half in recovery before I was allowed back to my room. Tira, Mike and grandma were waiting for me. Poor Tira was tired from the long day and didn't understand why she couldn't climb in bed and snuggle with mommy. So before they had a chance to bring Lanna into the room Tira and my parents went home. They brought Lanna in and I had her on the boob as soon as I could! She's did wonderfully and is still doing great! I got to go home just 3 days later on Thursday and I have recovered much quicker than I did with Tira. I'm up and moving around great! I only have some pain if I over do it (like picking up Tira when I'm not supposed to :-O).

Lanna was exactly the same size as Tira, 3.44kg (7lbs 6oz) and 50cm (9 in). She was only slightly jaundice and didn't have to have any treatment. At 10 days old she's not only up to her birth weight but actually almost 6 oz bigger!! Plus I'm a pumping machine and have a small freezer supply building up as well as giving Tira some in her bottles!!

As for her name we wanted a Thai first name and a middle name with significance. Everyone like Lanna (mean's wealth and prosperity) which is also an American name so that worked out well. We decided on Anne at the last minute because it's my grandmother's first name and Mike's grandmother's middle name.

Enjoy the sprinkles:

The sisters meet:
It's love at first sight!
Chillin' with my daddy:

Snuggling with my Mommy:Me and Tira enjoying some cookies while the little one sleeps:


Marissa Fischer said...

wah is wearing the dress I sent her and squeaks has the toy I sent her. (have mommy try and get a good picture or two of wah in that dress, I don't have any modeled shots in that style)

Sara said...

Love the pictures Tanya!!! Lanna is BEAUTIFUL!!! How's she doing? How are you feeling?? Tira liking being a big sis?

dej4 said...

she is darling. darling. i love the picture where tira kisses lanna. and i love the pictures of tira munching cookies in the backgrond looking so cute.