Monday, September 29, 2008


Just cause my girls are so darn cute!

The first time Tira's gotten to hold Lanna:
Lanna being cute in her bouncy chair - she will stay in it for a whole minute!

Me and the girls looking all hawt after gran gran's party:

Tira being uber-cute at the park! The lighting was perfect for pictures but my subjects were no cooperating so this is the best picture from that trip:

Lanna enjoying her nap:


Marissa Fischer said...

oh the snuggly butt pose my favorite

alexis o said...

tira is so cute holding lanna...i love her face on the first pic

Sara said...

I love the pictures! Your girls are so adorable!! Tira is SO excited to hold Lanna - TOO CUTE! They really are so precious Tanya!