Saturday, October 25, 2008

Lanna's 2 months old

10 things I love about my Lanna:

10. The fact that you only go poopy every 4-5 days, thank you, thank you thank you.

9. The way you've totally filled out and quickly gone from a skinny chicken legged baby to a chunky monkey.

8. The fact that you already sleeping through the night - in my book only needing to feed once a night, and the fact that I don't have to get out of bed or even wake up to do it counts as STTN

7. The way you can instantly go to sleep when I put you in the Moby, sometimes you just need to feel close to your mommy.

6. The fact that you're already "talking" to us, you're little coos are like the music of angels.

5. The way you always fart whenever you sneeze or cough.

4. The way you smile when you fart.

3. The fact that you can sit and look at your self in the mirror for what seems like forever (5 whole minutes!)

2. How you love to just stare at your sister and smile.

1. The way your eyes light up and you crack a big tooth-less smile when you wake up in the morning and see me.

Forever Playing Catch Up

I feel like I'm forever playing catch up. For all the times I tell people that our life is boring there sure are a lot of activities/events that I need to blog about and just haven't had the time/motivation to. It seems like every time there's something new to post about I remember 3 other things that I've forgotten and need to post first. I don't know how all these other mommies find the time to keep up with their blogs. It's 9:30 here and I'm ready to crash but I still have a couple different posts I want to write. Ohh well.

Babywearing in the Park

Last Friday was the monthly Bangkok Babywearing Club (BBC) meeting. I really love this particular group because there are babies as well as toddlers and the moms all seem so nice and friendly. November 11th thru the 16th is International Babywearing Week and BBC has teamed up with Samitivej Hospital to promote babywearing. There will be a booth set up at the hospital along with a banner and brochures. We meet at the park next to Emporium so that we could get some nice pictures for the brochures. The weather was perfect and the lighting couldn't have been better. Lanna, Tira, and I all got our pictures taken and then enjoyed some Starbucks coffee and muffins while hanging out with the other mommies.

It was fun to see all the different carriers being used with all different aged babies (there was a newborn only a week or two old and then there were 3-4 year olds). I got to show off my baby wearing skills by getting down on the mats and playing with Tira while drinking coffee and having Lanna strapped up in the Moby. Tira did great hanging out and playing with little Joseph. Once she got bored we went over to the playground for a little bit.

All it all it was tons of fun. The pictures turned out great! Here's just a sample, I'm waiting for the rest.

Me and my angles:

Joseph and his mommy Rachel:

Lanna's BFF Tai:

All of us:

Friday, October 24, 2008

Update - Giant Baby and War Wounds

Another prime example of my giant baby!

Picture of my bruise 4 days later:

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

My Giant "Baby"

Tira likes to pretend she's the baby still and has adopted some of Lanna's habits. Tira has NEVER really needed a binkie, she used one for maybe 3 months when she was itty bitty, but since Lanna has started using one Tira is obsessed with hers. She doesn't "need" it but wants it whenever she's playing. She loves to get in Lanna's crib or on the changing pad. She asks to be "laid down", covered with a blanket and cooed at like we do with Lanna. The worst is her obsession with the bouncy chair. I looked it up online, the max weight is 25lbs, which Tira is now over. We have to hide the chair and can only take it out when Tira is napping. I wish I had gotten a picture of her in it the few times we gave into her but alas I didn't, she was seriously cute. Here are some pictures of my giant "baby":

Party at IPC

IPC is where Bumps and Babies (the mommy group we go to) meets. Tira has also attended a couple of their play groups. A few weeks ago was their 25th anniversary party. There was a bounce house (which was in the sun and therefore too hot to play in), a playground with slides and swings, books for sale, cotton candy, face painting (but the line was super long), snacks, and a bunch of other stuff. In true Thai fashion, whenever anyone has something planned outside it pours, and I'm not talking about a little splish splash, I'm talking fire hose strength pouring down. We were banished into one of the rooms, which just happened to have all the food ;-) I gorged myself on samosas and donut holes while we waited out the rain. Here are a few pictures:

Tira "in" the bounce house, she wouldn't go play and I was too big to go in:

She L.O.V.E.D. the play firetruck and I had to pry her little hands off of the steering wheel to get her out (she wouldn't let any of the other kids play in it, why they tired to she gave them the evil eye LOL).

There was a balloon guy there and of course he made flowers and hearts for the three little girls in front of us but gave Tira a SWORD?! JUST BECAUSE SHE BARELY HAS ANY HAIR DOESN'T MEAN SHE A BOY :-(

It took both me and Grandma to get her out of the swing, she had so much fun (I have a super cute video of her on the swings but it wont load, I'll try again later).

Delicious Samosas, I felt really sick by the time we got home, I think I must have eaten 10+:

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Too cute not to post

This video speaks for itself


Yahh for Shopping

I scored! G-ma and I went shopping at the Thrusday market and I got some killer deals!!

2 pairs of REAL Victoria Secrect Pink pants for $9 total:

Adorable leather shoes for Tira, $4.50

3 long sleeved shirts, 1 short sleeved shirt, and two skirts all for Tira to grow into and all brand name (REAL Gap and Childrens Place! not knock offs) for a whoppin' $22

Mommy War Wounds

Way back when in high school I played basketball, I was actually pretty good (you wouldn't know it now). As with all women's basketball we were pretty very aggressive and subsequently were always getting injured. We dubbed our injuries "war wounds" and sported them proudly.

Following in that tradition I've now dubbed my mommy related injuries my new war wounds. Obviously my first 3 major ones would be 1) my c-section scar [which incidentally is looking FANTASTIC, way better/smaller then the first time around], 2)the ohh so lovely stretch marks, and 3) all those wonderful breastfeeding related aches/pains/bleeds. But aside from small scratches from razor-like baby nails, I've been pretty much unscathed in my 19 months of being a mommy. That is until yesterday.

Last night I went through our normal bed time routine with Lanna- wipe down, change diaper, nurse and hope she falls asleep. The previous few days it was taking quite an effort to get Lanna down for the night - hours of rocking, moby wearing, her falling asleep only to wake back up after 10 minute or so and having to start all over again. So when she fell asleep nursing before 10pm I was ecstatic. Our bed is higher then the average bed so I have to kind of stand on my toes, get one knee up and then push off my other foot to get the rest of the way up. The bed is in the corner against two walls and comes right up to the door.

I was closest to the wall with the door. I walked over to the bed, still holding Lanna in the in my arms like I was nursing her (the less you move her the less likely she is to wake up), her head was towards the wall. I'm not sure what happened but after I got my first knee up and pushed off my other leg I lost my balance. I don't think I hand enough momentum to get all the way up onto the bed and therefore fell sideways/backwards right.into.the.doorknob and then sliding down. It was my full weight and then some crashing into the doorknob and it made a very loud bang. Lanna immediately started screaming and I immediately panicked, thinking that her head had crashed into the doorknob.

It all happened so fast that I wasn't sure if just I had hit or if she had hit too. My dad came running as I opened the door, so I shoved Lanna in his arms and my mom popped out of the other bedroom just in time to ask what happened. I just said I fell into the door and I didn't know if Lanna was hurt then ran off to get an ice pack (I remember the ER doctor from when Tira fell and smacked her head telling us that it was important to get ice on it as soon as possible). I raced back to the room and in those 10 seconds I was gone Lanna had stopped crying. It was pretty obvious she hadn't hit because if she had there would have been some sort of mark and she would not have stopped crying. Non-the-less all three of us hovered around her checking out her head. I think she initially cried because the noise and motion of falling scared her awake. She was all smiles and coos by this point. I on the other hand was still a nervous wreck and my arm had started throbbing. I put ice on it and it seemed to help because the bruising seemed to go down and it was just red. However this morning there was a big 'ole nasty bruise on my arm and it has progressively gotten uglier as the day progressed. On top of that it hurts to bend my elbow, but I don't really care, I'm just glad Lanna's fine.

So here are pictures of my mommy war wounds from this morning (mind you the bruise is much darker and uglier now but I'm too lazy to take new pictures):

Monday, October 13, 2008

Smoothie Facial Anyone?

We recently discovered that Tesco sells frozen strawberries C.H.E.A.P! And what better way to use frozen strawberries then to make smoothies - yummy. Not only are they delicious but also packed with vitamins all toddlers desperately need once they start refusing to eat their veggies. Our wonderful smoothie this morning had frozen strawberries, frozen pineapple, fresh mango, plain yogurt and apple juice. It was scrumptious. Tira L.O.V.E.D it. Me being an optimistic mommy gave her a regular cup with a straw and stuck her in her booster seat. Since she seemed to be drinking the smoothie and watching cartoons educational videos like a nice little girl so I turned my attention to the computer. When I turned back around she had dumped all of her smoothie on to her tray and was "scooping" it up with her straw. Since she seemed to still be "eating" her smoothie I let her be. I walked out of the room for a minute to discuss the possiblity of McDonald's a healthy breakfast with grandma. When we walked back in we discovered this:

She gave us the "uhh ohh I've been caught red handed" look but we couldn't stop laughing so she started laughing pointing to her face and saying "ka-ka". My little goof ball.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

The Cookie Thief

So the other morning grandma and I were hang out talking around the dinning room table. Tira was on the table playing. I was helping grandma look for something in the sliding glass cupboards next to the table. After a few minutes I noticed that Tira wasn't making any noise, and as any mommy to a toddler will tell you no noise is NOT a good thing LOL. I turned around and found this:

What? I'm not eating cookies for breakfast!

Ok so you caught me, but I'm too cute to say no to.