Saturday, October 18, 2008

Mommy War Wounds

Way back when in high school I played basketball, I was actually pretty good (you wouldn't know it now). As with all women's basketball we were pretty very aggressive and subsequently were always getting injured. We dubbed our injuries "war wounds" and sported them proudly.

Following in that tradition I've now dubbed my mommy related injuries my new war wounds. Obviously my first 3 major ones would be 1) my c-section scar [which incidentally is looking FANTASTIC, way better/smaller then the first time around], 2)the ohh so lovely stretch marks, and 3) all those wonderful breastfeeding related aches/pains/bleeds. But aside from small scratches from razor-like baby nails, I've been pretty much unscathed in my 19 months of being a mommy. That is until yesterday.

Last night I went through our normal bed time routine with Lanna- wipe down, change diaper, nurse and hope she falls asleep. The previous few days it was taking quite an effort to get Lanna down for the night - hours of rocking, moby wearing, her falling asleep only to wake back up after 10 minute or so and having to start all over again. So when she fell asleep nursing before 10pm I was ecstatic. Our bed is higher then the average bed so I have to kind of stand on my toes, get one knee up and then push off my other foot to get the rest of the way up. The bed is in the corner against two walls and comes right up to the door.

I was closest to the wall with the door. I walked over to the bed, still holding Lanna in the in my arms like I was nursing her (the less you move her the less likely she is to wake up), her head was towards the wall. I'm not sure what happened but after I got my first knee up and pushed off my other leg I lost my balance. I don't think I hand enough momentum to get all the way up onto the bed and therefore fell sideways/backwards right.into.the.doorknob and then sliding down. It was my full weight and then some crashing into the doorknob and it made a very loud bang. Lanna immediately started screaming and I immediately panicked, thinking that her head had crashed into the doorknob.

It all happened so fast that I wasn't sure if just I had hit or if she had hit too. My dad came running as I opened the door, so I shoved Lanna in his arms and my mom popped out of the other bedroom just in time to ask what happened. I just said I fell into the door and I didn't know if Lanna was hurt then ran off to get an ice pack (I remember the ER doctor from when Tira fell and smacked her head telling us that it was important to get ice on it as soon as possible). I raced back to the room and in those 10 seconds I was gone Lanna had stopped crying. It was pretty obvious she hadn't hit because if she had there would have been some sort of mark and she would not have stopped crying. Non-the-less all three of us hovered around her checking out her head. I think she initially cried because the noise and motion of falling scared her awake. She was all smiles and coos by this point. I on the other hand was still a nervous wreck and my arm had started throbbing. I put ice on it and it seemed to help because the bruising seemed to go down and it was just red. However this morning there was a big 'ole nasty bruise on my arm and it has progressively gotten uglier as the day progressed. On top of that it hurts to bend my elbow, but I don't really care, I'm just glad Lanna's fine.

So here are pictures of my mommy war wounds from this morning (mind you the bruise is much darker and uglier now but I'm too lazy to take new pictures):

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Sara said...

That's a pretty impressive war wound you've got there! It's quite possibly the largest bruise I've ever seen. Glad Lanna was okay I know you must have been freaked out! You are a great mommy :)