Tuesday, October 21, 2008

My Giant "Baby"

Tira likes to pretend she's the baby still and has adopted some of Lanna's habits. Tira has NEVER really needed a binkie, she used one for maybe 3 months when she was itty bitty, but since Lanna has started using one Tira is obsessed with hers. She doesn't "need" it but wants it whenever she's playing. She loves to get in Lanna's crib or on the changing pad. She asks to be "laid down", covered with a blanket and cooed at like we do with Lanna. The worst is her obsession with the bouncy chair. I looked it up online, the max weight is 25lbs, which Tira is now over. We have to hide the chair and can only take it out when Tira is napping. I wish I had gotten a picture of her in it the few times we gave into her but alas I didn't, she was seriously cute. Here are some pictures of my giant "baby":

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dej4 said...

shes just too cute. haha