Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Party at IPC

IPC is where Bumps and Babies (the mommy group we go to) meets. Tira has also attended a couple of their play groups. A few weeks ago was their 25th anniversary party. There was a bounce house (which was in the sun and therefore too hot to play in), a playground with slides and swings, books for sale, cotton candy, face painting (but the line was super long), snacks, and a bunch of other stuff. In true Thai fashion, whenever anyone has something planned outside it pours, and I'm not talking about a little splish splash, I'm talking fire hose strength pouring down. We were banished into one of the rooms, which just happened to have all the food ;-) I gorged myself on samosas and donut holes while we waited out the rain. Here are a few pictures:

Tira "in" the bounce house, she wouldn't go play and I was too big to go in:

She L.O.V.E.D. the play firetruck and I had to pry her little hands off of the steering wheel to get her out (she wouldn't let any of the other kids play in it, why they tired to she gave them the evil eye LOL).

There was a balloon guy there and of course he made flowers and hearts for the three little girls in front of us but gave Tira a SWORD?! JUST BECAUSE SHE BARELY HAS ANY HAIR DOESN'T MEAN SHE A BOY :-(

It took both me and Grandma to get her out of the swing, she had so much fun (I have a super cute video of her on the swings but it wont load, I'll try again later).

Delicious Samosas, I felt really sick by the time we got home, I think I must have eaten 10+:

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dej4 said...

hahaha i'm laughing at the sword/no hair comment.....