Monday, October 13, 2008

Smoothie Facial Anyone?

We recently discovered that Tesco sells frozen strawberries C.H.E.A.P! And what better way to use frozen strawberries then to make smoothies - yummy. Not only are they delicious but also packed with vitamins all toddlers desperately need once they start refusing to eat their veggies. Our wonderful smoothie this morning had frozen strawberries, frozen pineapple, fresh mango, plain yogurt and apple juice. It was scrumptious. Tira L.O.V.E.D it. Me being an optimistic mommy gave her a regular cup with a straw and stuck her in her booster seat. Since she seemed to be drinking the smoothie and watching cartoons educational videos like a nice little girl so I turned my attention to the computer. When I turned back around she had dumped all of her smoothie on to her tray and was "scooping" it up with her straw. Since she seemed to still be "eating" her smoothie I let her be. I walked out of the room for a minute to discuss the possiblity of McDonald's a healthy breakfast with grandma. When we walked back in we discovered this:

She gave us the "uhh ohh I've been caught red handed" look but we couldn't stop laughing so she started laughing pointing to her face and saying "ka-ka". My little goof ball.

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alexis o said...

HAHAHAHAHA what was she doing?? licking it off the table????!!!!