Saturday, November 1, 2008

Happy Halloween!!

We had a fabulous Halloween this year! The amazing Aunty Rissa made the girls the most adorable costumes and shipped them over. Lanna was the most scrumptious pack of Mc Donald's french fries ever

and Tira was the cutest little Pebbles (Flinstones) in the world.

Small Fry, Pebbles, Grandma and I all trucked it over to First Steps Preschool where BAMBI was putting on a Halloween Party. We met up with BFF Tai the Pirate and mommy Annie. I parked myself next to the food table and ate my 250b worth of chips and salsa (super yummy), chicken wings, spring rolls and brownies. Tira had fun checking out all the other cute kids and became obsessed with the slide. There was face panting, professional pictures, and random games, but I think Tira was still too little for all of that. We also ran into Harrison and his mommy and daddy. We had met Harrison at the Polo club months ago, it was fun to see them again.

There were so many cute kids/babies in the greatest costumes. I was surprised how many people showed up, the place was packed! Even Sarah Palin came!!

Lanna entered the costume contest (Tira was tired and cranky by this point so she skipped it) and ended up winning 1st place!!! Grandma left a little before 5 to go teach and I got to chase Tira around with Lanna strapped into the Moby. Tira was actually pretty easy going once she got one of those little Fisher Price cars to play in. She didn't try and drive/move it, just got in and out and in and out. We had one melt down when I made her share the car but after that everything was good.

By 5:15 everyone, babies and mommies were tired and hot, and dirty. So we all packed ourselves into Aunty Annies car and drove over to her house. Small Fry, Pebbles and I took a quick shower. Grandma joined us and we got to meet the infamous Steve, Tai's daddy. We had some yummy Cajun food (jambalaya and gumbo [seriously the best soup EVER]) along with some good southern sweet tea. It was good food and good company all around.

Here are more pictures:

Lanna - always the life of the party:

Rrrrr mate-ys:

Harrison the next Muay Thai Contender:

Mia (from the babywearing club) the cow:

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dej4 said...

the costumes are the cutest. marissa is too talented.