Thursday, November 20, 2008

Monkey See Monkey Do

When they say children are like sponges they're not kidding. Every little thing you do gets noticed, remembered and sometimes mimicked. Tira is no exception, in fact she LOVES to copy whatever anyone else is doing be it mommy, papa, yai yai (grandma), gran gran or even Lanna. Sometimes this is bad, like the fact that she's started whining and crying when she wants something because she notices that Lanna immediately gets attention when she cries (this could also be attributed to the early onset of the terrible twos). But most of the time it's down right hilarious, ie. the pumping post.

One of my favorite things she will do is pick up her "baby" (piglet doll), cradle it, bouncy up and down and go "shh shh shh". Just like I do when I'm soothing Lanna. She also loves to carry her dolls in our various slings and has started to nurse her "baby". I've already contacted Santa about bring Tira a real baby doll for Christmas.

Tira also likes to copy her grandma and gran gran. For a while every time Tira sat down and stood up she'd grunt or go "ooph" like her gran gran does. When she wants Kimchi's attention she yell "kit-chy", stomps her foot, and slaps her thigh making her the spitting image of her yai yai. I'm sure I've mentioned her cleaning obsession which she gets not only from watching her papa and yai yai but via her genes from her Nani and gran gran. She even has her own toddler sized broom. One of her adorable yet frustrating habits is to take her sippy cup, shake out whatever liquid is in there on to the floor and use whatever available cloth (usually a nursing towel or my newly washed shirt) to wipe down the floor.

And of course she loves her papa so much she even tries to act like him:

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daniel and I both laughed so hard at these