Saturday, November 15, 2008

My little Artist

Inspired by another March Muffin Mommy's blog I decided to try and do some art with Tira. I thought she was still too young to really do anything (actually I still think that) but decided to try anyway. We started with just some basic coloring and stickering. She thinks coloring is ok for about 3 minutes before she's bored but she LOVES the stickers as long as they don't end up on her. Then I decided to try and be a little creative and cut out a bunch of stuff for her to glue together. Yah that was a P.I.T.A! And she really just wanted to stick the stuff on the glue and pull it off then put it back on, what a mess! Here are pictures of her two coloring projects (one for Daddy and one for Aunty Rissa and Uncle Daniel), and her gluing project:

Our latest project was Christmas finger painting! This was a little more fun. I borrowed some temper paint from Aunty Annie and got a recipe online. We stripped little miss down to her panties, laid out an old sheet, and got to work. At first she was unsure about putting her precious prissy hands into the cold gooey paint but soon was loving it. She liked to put the paint on the paper but LOVED squishing the paint between her fingers. At one point she looked down and realized she had paint all over her and looked at me and said "ka-ka" LOL. It was a lot of fun, but next time I think we'll try it with sponges.

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