Monday, November 3, 2008

The Phat Girl Club

So I've been blogging about Lanna's new BFF Tai for a while and thought I'd share some uber cute pictures of the "phat girls". Seriously there's nothing better than a rolly-polly, squishy baby and I get to cuddle with TWO of them!

Tai might be 2 months older but size wise Lanna's catching up fast:

Mommy you're boring:

Ringleader and former "phat" girl Tira, you can just hear Lanna thinking "ohhh she's sooo grown up and cool":

Whatchu lookin' at lady?

Hanging out with Tai and mommy Annie is so much fun for everyone!! Annie's a foodie so Grandma and I are always excited to eat with her. The first time we went out Annie and I went to Sonies - Italian-Japanese fusion, the second time with grandma in tow we went to Becafino's all-you-can-eat antipasto lunch buffet, O.M.G. was that yummy, we've also had delicioso home cooked Cajun food courtesy of hubby Steve and other scrumptious food (I have to stop talking about it because I'm making my tummy growl).

Tira has a blast with Annie because besides getting to love on "her" two babies, Annie used to teach pre-school and so has a ton of fun activities for Tira. She made her playdough one day (Tira played with it for a while then decided it was better to eat it) and busted out Barbies another time (Tira's first time playing with them. I was proud of her for not eating any of the accessories). Annie and G-ma even made Tira the cutest tu-tu one day:

Lanna of course just has fun chillin' with Tai. This involves lots of sleeping, boobie, and watching the mobile in Tai's crib.

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