Friday, November 28, 2008


I don't really feel like posting but I promised a post so here are some sprinkles from Thanksgiving. It was a ton of work (mainly on Grandma's part) but completely worth it. We had a ton of fun!!

We hosted the party at our place so cleaning started a week before hand. Here's G-ma scrubbing down one of the cabinets (as if anyone would have noticed the dust):

The guest list kept growing and then dropping so it took a while to figure out the table layout but we finally got it:

Phat girl's before Dinner outfit - how cute is she?

The dessert table which just kept growing - those are two pecan/apple pies (sooo yummy) and the best vanilla cupcakes ever, now add two pumpkin pies, a chocolate cake, vanilla ice cream and whip cream and you have our desserts! LOL.

The beautiful flower arrangement g-ma made. Tira LOVED it. The first time she saw it she said "Ohhhhh" and kept signing for me to put it in her hands LOL. I swear she's a mini-martha stewart. She loves to watch us cook, she loves to clean, and apparently she loves flowers and flower arrangements.

Everyone seated - starting at the far end and going clockwise is Papa holding Lanna, then Tira, then Steve, Kristina, and Annie with Tai, next came Trudy with Husband Walter and daughter Julie, next came Gordan with daughter Summer and wife Tiffany, then finally peaking her head out is gma (I was of course taking the pictures).
Amazingly a picture with me (not that you can really see me I'm at the very end of the table next to Papa and Lanna):

The turkey. We got it from Bourbon Street - a Cajun restaurant. It was a deep fried turkey, unfortunately since we didn't eat it right out of the deep fryer the skin was soggy and not crispy greasy goodness. :-( The meat was nice a juicy though.

Lanna snuggling up to Julie, who apparently was super comfy LOL.

With all the excitement of so many people in the house Tira didn't last very long in her booster seat and didn't eat very much. Only 10 minutes into the dinner and she was fighting to get down. Since it was a holiday I obliged and set her free. A few minutes later I realized that I hadn't heard a peep from her and got suspicious (as anyone with young kids knows no noise is NEVER a good thing unless they're sleeping LOL). I turned around to find the little sneak standing next to the dessert table, sticking her finger into the chocolate cake and licking off frosting!

I guess since I've posted this much I should write a complete post. If you've been following the news you know that there's been a lot of unrest here in Bangkok over the current prime minister. The Yellow Party (not in power) took over and shut down the airport so that the PM (from the Red Party) could not fly back into the country. Then on Thanksgiving day right be the dinner we got news that there was going to be a coup. We kept getting different reports during dinner and joked that if we got stuck here at least we'd have food (there was tons and tons and tons of left overs). But so far nothing has happened. They supposedly got all the protesters out of the airport today but there's still talk of a coup, so we'll see how things progress. None the less Thanksgiving was fun and the food was great.


Sara said...

Looks like you had a great Thanksgiving!!! The Pecan/Apple Pie looks AMAZING!

marissa said...

I want lanna to snuggle on my like that she looks so cuddlely