Thursday, November 6, 2008


We had a splenderific Thursday! I got to "sleep-in" with Lanna - meaning I didn't get up till after 7:30!! Woot-woot! The we got the girls all dressed up and ready for a day out. I pretended that Tira actually had hair and made g-ma put in pig tails (excuse the blurriness miss thang didn't want to stand still for a picture):

Lanna, Tira and I hitched a ride with Aunty Annie and Tai to Bumps and Babies. Today's topic was extended breastfeeding. The speaker was a nice American mommy of 4. She talked about the benefits of BFing past 6 months, past 1 year, past 2 years, tandem nursing, nursing toddlers, nursing through pregnancy, etc. It was very informative and nice to hear a usually taboo topic. After the presentation I chit chatted with her. Her youngest are twins and almost the same age as Tira so I was thinking play date. However she said she lived out in Bang Na (far) and didn't get out to this area a lot and then mentioned that her husband worked at a Christian International School. I LOL and asked if it happened to be ICS. Low and behold her husband is Mr. Dayton the new (well not new but he wasn't teaching when I was there) History teacher. Small world.

After B&B Annie and I took our sleeping babies to S&P for lunch and mommy time (Grandma picked up Tira halfway through B&B). After that Fat Girl (lanna) and I got dropped off at home and we hung out at home and played. Normally at 5pm Papa takes Tira for a walk but today Papa was sleeping so I strapped FG into the moby and took Tira down stairs. She didn't want to walk and just kept looking and pointing at the moon and babbling to it. Strange. When I finally convinced her to walk with me we only made it to the house with the dalmatians where she stood in front of the gate shushing the dogs :-D After that it was dinner, bath, and then bedtime.

Here are pictures of me and Fat Girl - she's sporting one of Tira's old Raegun outfits.


marissa said...

she can fit in that (sort of)? Wah was wearing that when she was like 7+ months!

alexis o said...

haha.. lanna really is a little piggy compared to tira at that age... it reminds me of mandi.. she was a chubby chubby baby too and the pics of me holding her when she was little make me look so scrawny, even at 3 years old..


wow i miss u and r nut's so bad !!!!!!!! :( i cannot belive this ... tanya my love u look so
amazing!!!!!! lanna u look chunkers...heheh i love my girls


dej4 said...

hahahah alexis yah its like us and mandy she was super chunk..haha