Sunday, November 9, 2008

Update on Susie Homemaker

IT WASN'T MY FAULT!! ::happy dance:: My lovely sister re-checked the recipe she had posted on her blog and discovered that she had accidentally messed up the recipe. She forgot to decrease some ingredients and accidentally doubled others. So the terrible bread - not because I'm a bad cook!

I should have known this because my other kitchen creations have, for the most part, turned out wonderful! For example my scrumptious oatmeal cookies. Every couple of months I get a craving for some oatmeal chocolate chip cookies. Not the dry crispy kind, but the nice soft moist kind. I searched the web and finally found a recipe that claimed to produce the perfect oatmeal cookie AND used Crisco (the price of butter has gone through the roof here and Crisco - even though it's imported - is now the cheaper option). So a couple weeks ago I commandeered the kitchen and went to work making up the yummy cookies. I put my toddler to work - dumping in the flour, stirring the batter, and beating the eggs. It was messy and it took twice as long as it would have if I had done it myself but we both had a blast. And the cookies turned out delicious - Annie said it was because of the love Tira put into them :-D.

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