Sunday, November 16, 2008

Why I will never lose those last 9lbs

Because G-ma and I are just too darn good at cooking LOL. Seriously the food we make is just too yummy. Today grandma got a fire under her tushy and decided to make not one delicious treat but two! Check out this amazing apple caramel cake:

And the scrumptious pumpkin bread:

I am the self-proclaimed queen of pizzas! If I may be so humble - I make a killer pizza. Ok I'll admit it G-ma makes the marinara sauce but I could make it if I had to and I always make the dough and assemble it. It's so easy to. Here's what you do.

Pizza Dough:
400g (2 1/3 cups) bread flour
15g (3 teaspoons) instant yeast
1 teaspoon salt
2 Tablespoons olive oil
250ml (1 cup) warmer than warm but not hot water

Mix first 3 ingredients in bowl, add next two and stir. Knead dough until smooth (about 8 minutes). Leave it to rise double its size (maybe 15 minutes), punch down, separate into 4 balls and let rise again 5 - 10 minutes.

If you have a pizza stone put it in the oven and let it heat up with the oven during the second rise of the dough. The pizza should sizzle a little when you put it on the stone, that's how you know it's hot enough.

Marinara Sauce:
Grandma didn't want to share her "secret" recipe with everyone, but there's really nothing to it and no real recipe as it's more of a a pinch of this a dash of that.

Blended 1 large can whole tomatoes in blender or food processor with juices. In pot saute chopped onions and garlic in olive oil until clear, add italian seasoning, blended tomatoes and small can of tomato paste. Salt and pepper if you need it. Boil and add water until you get the right consistency. If you're making pasta sauce you'll add more water, but if it's for pizza you want it thicker so add less. Let it simmer for a while. Taste as you go that's how you'll know if your doing it right.

Back to the pizza. Roll out one ball at a time, top with sauce, toppings of your choice, and then cheese. We use fresh mozzarella in water and a little bit of coby jack. I've noticed that when you just use mozzarella it tends the cheese tends to burn and disappear. But with the coby jack its just gets crusty and melty.

Super easy!! Our pizza today was supposed to be Hawaiian but I forgot to get pineapple so we ended up with just Ham and some pepper grandma had roast which were heavenly. The pizzas were sooooo delicious.

Pizza half way cooked:

The finished product:


Annie Bobannie said...

OMG you guys have a pizza stone, I so want one! IT looks so yummy, got any leftovers!?

-moi said...

You're making me hungry!!! :)

Sara said...

YUMMMY!!!!!!!!!!! I want some!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Too bad you can't send some to nashville! :)