Saturday, December 13, 2008

Christmas Party

Addicts! It hasn't been that long since I last posted. I guess I have no right to complain though. As so many of you have quickly surmised I managed to get my hands on an electric-not-so-legal copy (which is justified because I have a legally purchased set waiting for me in California) of the Twilight series and have done little else except read for the past week. I'm almost done in the 4 book series, just 143 pages left. However some of you seem to be getting a little impatient so here's a fix.

Yesterday I tore myself away from the books and Grandma and I took naughty face and fat fat (their most common nicknames right now) to the BAMBI Christmas Party. It was at the Rembrant Hotel. We got there early, right around 9:30, so there weren't too many people yet. It was set up very nicely with a buffet at one end, tables in the middle, a stage at the other end and games when you first entered. I was a little surprised at the how they had the tables set up, as if it were a formal dinner with nice plates, glass water goblets, and 10 different utensils for each place setting - all this for toddlers? It was a lot of work keep naughty face from destroying everything.

The games were fun but a little advance for Tira. I helped her and as long as everyone clap and cheered she was happy. Like most of the other toddlers she had the most fun running around on the stage, jumping up and down, and playing with her balloon toys. Speaking of which I must apologize to the guy at the IPC Party who gave naughty face a balloon sword instead of a girly heart or flower. When we first entered the party we were given balloons and of course Tira was looking all girly in the adorable polka dot dress that her Nani sent her
and a cute little pink clippy in her hair, so naturally she got the girly balloon. And what was the first thing she did? Go find a balloon sword and then later a balloon machine gun ::eye roll::
We had a bunch of scrumptious food and hung out with Annie and Tai and some other mommies and babies we knew. Here are the phat girls doing their pope imitation:

Then the big moment the arrival of SANTA! I had my doubts about the quality of Santa but figured these women are all farangs (white) and they know what Santa should look like. It seemed that they had spent a good deal of money of everything else so Santa should be ok. How wrong could I be. 1) his beard was falling off so you could see he was a dark skinned Thai guy, 2) he was SCRAWNY and didn't even bother to put a pillow under his shirt and 3) he wore flip flops and sunglasses. Don't even get me started on his skanky hoochie mama helper. I couldn't get any good pictures of crazy Santa because he wouldn't stop moving.

Over all it was a lot of fun. We got the most adorable pictures of the phat girls and Tira at the very end. Enjoy:

By the way I finished the books ;-)


Sara said...

HA! Yes we are all addicts what can I say?!??!?! Let me know your thoughts on the books! I'd love to hear what you thought of them! Tira is growing so fast!! Leave it to an event in Thailand for there to be china plates and real glasses at an event full of toddlers and a not realistic Santa!!!! Oh well what can you do?!?!? Looks like ya'll still had a blast! The girls look adorable all dressed up! Can't believe how fast they are growing!

marissa said...

fat girl napkin heads are so fun. I'm glad wah found a sword they are way better than the girly flowers

dej4 said...

i love how satisfied tira looks w/ the little chubby girls on either side of her....