Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Punk Rock Princess

My daughter is so cool! She loves to rock out to music - classical, country, rap, rock and roll - anything with a good beat. She's got the best sense of style. She loves the skateboarders and roller bladers in the park. She's just my little rock star. So it's a wonder why I never thought to do this to her before:

Her hair is actually just a little too long for the mohawk and tends to flop to either side, but it's still really cute. I plan to do this to Lanna as soon as her hair grows in a little. Hey if my kids are going to be practically bald until they're four like I was then let me at least feel like I get to do their hair with this do.


alexis o said...

so CUTE!! tira + tutu+ rainbow pant/stockings + mohawk

Sara said...

Tira has to be the cutest little punk rocker ever!!!! I love the attempted mohawk!!!

dej4 said...

i with alexis. the tutu princess w/ mohawk and rainbow pants. gonna have the cutest fashion