Friday, December 4, 2009

It's Starting to Look Alot Like Christmas

I had a nice long blog planned out in my mind but I just don't have time so you get pictures!

I had planned on getting a real tree but during my crazy Black Friday Shopping induced haze I ended up with a pre-lite fake tree:

Of course since this is our first real Christmas here and all of my parents decorations are back in Thailand we had nothing to put on the tree. So crazy Papa and the babies "decorated" the tree with whatever we had on hand:

I then braved more Black Friday weekend shopping and took the girls by myself to Target to find some decorations (after Target and Old Navy I wussed out and met up with Yai Yai and Aunty Rissa before going to Wal-Mart). Once we got home Tira, Lanna and I had fun decorating the tree with proper decorations:

Why didn't anyone tell me my hair looked like that? I don't know...

Video of Lanna in time out because she kept taking the ornaments off the tree and destroying them (it's long you only need to watch the first few seconds, I don't know how to shorten video clips)

What are they wearing you ask? Remember the Black Friday induced haze? I got the girls snow outfits and hats with gloves. They insisted on wearing them to decorate. Lanna can't move in hers it's pretty funny. Maybe I'll try and post video of it later...

Notice what happens when you let midgets little people decorate the tree. All the decorations are at the bottom. And for some reason Tira didn't understand the concept of spreading them out so she piled 5 or 6 ornaments on top of each other - literally hooking one ornament to the other instead of the tree LOL.

Yai Yai had a Christmas tradition with me and Rissa to get us a new ornament each year. We started that with the girls (although theirs from last year are in BKK) and here's what I was able to get FREE (thank you EADFL) from Kodak.

Happy Holidays!!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Lanna's First Ponytail!

Lanna was horrified when she got on to one of her favorite blogs, the Brownies, and saw this post (Jacob has hair!).

She's constantly pulling and yanking on Tira's hair (serious hair envy). Whenever I brush Tira's hair Lanna insists on having her head hair brushed too. When I put Tira's hair in pigtails or braids, Lanna looks sad and touches her bald head.

Well this morning that all changed - check it out:

What do you mean "what am I looking at?". Look closer, blow up the picture if you must, but that bizarre bright yellow spot in the middle of her bald head is a rubber band holding up a mini-ponytail. Let's take another look:

I KNOW! She's so shocked herself she kept touching it and eventually pulled it out.

I don't think Tira was able to have a ponytail until she was almost 2! Even if you don't think this qualifies as a ponytail could you say no to this face?

First Real Snow of the Season!!

Being a Cali/Thai girl I'm a fan of warm weather. So I was more then slightly horrified when we got our first snow flurries here in Salt Lake back at the beginning of October. It's just plain wrong for it to snow that early in the year - especially since it continues to snow well into March. But thankfully that was only God's unique humor trying to see if he could drive me insane.

Now it's mid-November and a more appropriate time for snow. In fact I'm ready for it. I'm sick and tired of it being just cold and no snow. Last week we got our first real snow storm but it melted by Wednesday. Sunday it snowed again but it's gone by today. Hopefully by Thanksgiving we'll have a nice winter wonderland.

Tira loves the "no" and is sad that it's "mwelded". Lanna however gives me dirty looks when it snows on her head, apparently she's not much of a fan of the cold.

Here are some pictures of the naughties playing:

What kind of mommy would I be if I didn't pelt my unsuspecting daughters with snowballs ;-)

Lanna woosed out and had to go in after only a few minutes.

Tira had to be lured back in with the promise of popcorn and hot chocolate.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Murray Utah meets Loy Krathong

Last last last Monday (as in November 2nd) was the Thai holiday Loy Krathong. Last year we celebrated Loy Krathong up at the Emporium park in Bangkok and had a great time! This year we celebrated in our crapy community grassy space back yard. Traditionally you float "krathongs" down the klongs or rivers and send your troubles floating away.

Here was our cute turtle shaped bread krathong from last year:

And the beautiful flower one from the year before:

We however had neither klongs or rivers, or krathongs for that matter. But that would never stop the all amazing Yai Yai from making sure "her" babies got to celebrate all the wonderful Thai traditions. So being ohh so crafty she managed to make these:

Aunty and Uncle came over for a yummy Loy Krathong feast. And the babies dressed up in the Loy Krathong outfits (modified to accommodate the cold Utah weather).

Notice that Tira is an authentic Loy Krathong beauty queen with her gaudy heels.

Lanna thought she was supposed to get into the bucket :-)

The face of an "angel".

We completed the celebration by "loy-ing" the krathongs. Since we had no river to send our troubles down we floated them on the back porch in buckets LOL. After lighting the candles Tira got all excited about the "birfday canels" and she and smarty pants Lanna spent the whole time trying to blow out the candles.