Friday, January 9, 2009

Chiang Mai Part I - The Drive Up

As some of you know we spent New Years up in Chiang Mai. Clever planning on Yai Yai and Papa's part meant that it only took us 7 hours to get there, including all of our stops. We left at the butt crack of dawn (4:30a). See the cute babies:

We stopped twice to stretch our legs and eat:

We also stopped in Lampang where the elephant ranch is. Tira had gone a year earlier when we went to Chiang Mai with Aunty Rissa and Uncle Muscles. She was still so tiny then she didn't really understand what was going on. However this time she had a blast! At first she was a little afraid of the giant beast but soon she was really enjoying them. We decided to make it a short visit and went straight for the elephant rides. I wanted to take Lanna but Papa was being extra paranoid and so she got a quick picture on one and then was whisked away. Tira had a lot of fun. I thought for sure she would refuse to get on. We walked up to where the other tourist were getting on the elephant and I pointed to them and asked if she wanted to go for a ride. She gave me an "are you crazy" look and said "GO!". I took that to mean let's get the heck out of here but Yai Yai and Papa thought she meant let's go for a ride. So I asked her again and this time she pointed to the elephant, nodded her head and said "Go." So Yai Yai, Tira and I piled on to the elephant and took a nice 15 minute ride. She really seemed to enjoy her self looking at the beautiful scenery and watching the butterflies.
After the ride we were just in time to see the elephants get their twice daily baths, which is always a lot of fun. Lanna surprisingly LOVED it. She was cooing and smiling and paying so much attention to them. I was really shocked she could even focus like that.
(I'm too lazy to put the pictures in any sort of order:

We then piled back into the car for the last hour and a half ride to the resort which of course was the worst part of the trip because both babies were just over being in the car. All and all they were amazingly good and well behaved. And 6 hours of driving time was actually not that bad.

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Sara said...

Looks like you guys had a blast!!! Glad Tira enjoyed the elephants :) and Lanna too! Soon she'll be old enough to go for a ride with her big sister!!