Thursday, January 15, 2009

Chiang Mai Part III - Massage

One great advantage of living in Thailand is easy access to cheap yet good massages. There was a wonderful period during my pregnancy where I got a massage almost daily, it was blissful. And while the massages in Bangkok are cheap their absurdly cheap in Chiang Mai (as in $3 an hour). So of course Yai Yai and I enjoyed a daily massage. Little did we know that Miss Thang would wedge into our massage time. Naughty Face was very interested in what we were up to and it wasn't long before she was "helping" the masseuse and eventually taking over our massages.


Sara said...

HA! Oh Tanya - she is just too cute! Tira you are out of control!!! Gotta love those massages!!!! You should have Tira learn from a young age! Free massages for Mommy! :)

marissa said...

ahhh these are so cute I can't stand it! I agree with Sara train that wah now and she can massage aunty rissa when she gets here.