Sunday, January 18, 2009

Chiang Mai Part IV - Photo Shoot and the Drive from Hell

Before we get to more beautiful pictures of my stinkin' adorable babies I wanted to wrap up the trip to Chiang Mai. The trip over all was wonderful. We got to see family, eat good food, and see lots of animals. In addition to the zoo (which Tira go to go back to a few days later) the grands took naughty face to the Night Safari. They walked around the lake there and got to see lots of neat animals - a jaguar that jumped out and tried to eat Tira, gibbons, birds, lemurs, chimps, ponies and more. Unfortunately Yai Yai was manning the camera so we only have a few good pictures.

Tira also went with the grands to feed the monks who walk down the mountain. But again Yai Yai had the camera and so there are NO good pictures.

We drove back on the Saturday the 3rd. Brilliant Yai Yai thought that since we left on Saturday and not Sunday we would beat the traffic. No other planning was put into the trip so we didn't leave until mid morning. What should have been a 6 hour trip took us TWELVE HOURS!!! The poor babies were sooo good and didn't really start hating us until the last 2 or 3 hours.
So it was a bad end to a very good trip.

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