Thursday, January 29, 2009

Major Changes

Well its a new calender year, a new lunar year, and its time for change. We (originally me and Naughty Face) arrived in Thailand September 2007 and had planned on stay until December or January - just 3 months. Well December came and went, January came and went, and then February and time just kept flying by. And now here we are the end of January 2009!! Well change is here again - Major Change. We're moving back to the States and our numbers have ncreased. Of course the obvious additions is that fat little thing we call Lanna, but also, Yai Yai, Papa and Kimchi are also relocating with us. We're also not just going back State side but we're making a move with in the continent too. Leaving expensive Cali and moving to Mormon filled Salt Lake City!!!

The big move dates is only 2 weeks away. Lanna and I will be flying out to LA on the 11th and then on to SLC on the 14th. As soon as I secure a job and an apartment/house Tira, Yai Yai and Papa (and Kimchi) will be joining us. I'm so sad to be leaving Tira for any length of time so please pray that I will find a job quick quick quickly!

Since my time in Cali is so short if you want to meet the Phat girl please let me know as soon as possible so I can try and put together a group dinner or something fun.

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dej4 said...

I'm hoping the change turns out to be awesome for you all!!!

sad I don't get to see lanna but hopefully can see you all in SLC when I'm a rich lawyer w/ a fat paycheck.