Sunday, February 8, 2009

New Do

So I debated about posting this but decided why not. I was going to surprise everyone and just show up with my cool new hair but chances are my hair will look like crap when I see people so better show good pictures while I can. I've had the same hair do since I was about 13. Every now and then I get sick of my long straight hair and chop it off, but never much shorter than my shoulders. Well I decided to try something new this time - I got a perm!!! I know how 1980s of me. But I was inspired by fellow phat girl mommy Annie and so got a "big curl" perm.
Here's my before picture (straight and long - excuse the fuzziness grandma took the picture):

And the after picture:

It's not as short as I had originally imagined. And this is what it looks like after an hour of blow drying and styling, which ya'll know I will NOT be doing. So I'm a little nervous as to what it will look like when I just air dry it. After the hair dresser had washed my hair and before the drying and styling I looked liked a chola sans dark lip liner. So hopefully it will look ok after I wash it tonight.


Annie Bobannie said...

You gotta tell me how you like it after you washed it!

dej4 said...

love it.

The Johnsons said...

I LOVE your hair. It's gorgeous!

Let's get together sometime! I'll drive the 3 hours to see you!

Hugs, Tanya/Kathleen (aka "T1")