Wednesday, February 25, 2009


So I've been a slacker - I know you're all sooooo surprised! It's soooooo unlike me.

Check out Aunty Rissa's blog for a super cute picture and video of the nanners.

Quick update. Lanna and I got to the States February 11th and spent a few days in LA with Daddy and Nani. Then we hopped on another plane to Salt Lake City. We've been here since the 15th. I've been interviewing and applying for jobs like a mad woman. I've also been scoping out apartments. I've found one I like and hope that it will still be available when I get a job.

Right now I'm working as a temp for an accountant, John, who retired and after 5 days of driving his wife crazy, she told him that as long as there were women on the jury she would not get convicted of murder, so he started up a small practice doing taxes. Well it has grown and now he's deciding on whether he wants to expand to bookkeeping, compilations, and other services. If he decides to go ahead with it then I have a job!!!! I find out on Monday. It's not the most glamorous job, I'm half administrative assistant half accountant, but I'll get paid like an accountant so that's cool with me. Plus I'll get full benefits and a matching 401K.

Lanna is refusing to eat while I'm gone at work and so by the end of the day she's pretty cranky. Aunty Rissa and Uncle Muscles have been awesome about putting up with her - every time I come home from leaving her Aunty Rissa has made her something new. A new sling, a new hat, a new toy, etc.

So if you're a praying person, pray that this job comes through and that Lanna will give in (the sooner the better) and take the bottle.

Enjoy some sprinkles:

On the Plane:

At the airport in Taiwan:
Mommy's first meal - Del Taco!!
Lanna's first taste of solids:

Playing at Aunty Rissa's:


Annie Bobannie said...

Thank goodness you posted!!! Miss you both tons!!!!!!! Keep the updates coming and praying that it all works out so that you can vacation here again soon!!! Take care and will get some pics of naughtyness for you soon. Luv and hugs from Annie & Tai!

marissa said...

I've got pictures (including lanna's first snow) and eating updates on both of my blogs so you can get your fill when tanya becomes lazy again

Annie Bobannie said...

Thanks Marissa, you're my surrogate mommy blogger for Tanya!

Can't wait to get the clothes!!!! When are the goodies coming??? Thanks!

alexis o said...

Lanna looks so cute (and JUST like Tira) in the plane pic with the cute hat..