Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Nothing to Update

Well I'm working - kind of. It started out as a "project/temp" job that was supposed to be 1 to 2 weeks. But when I got there Boss-man (John) kept talking like it was a permanent position. He continues to talk like it a permanent position and has even met with the the recruiter to settle on a salary amount. However he's dragging his feet and wont make a for sure decision. I'm pretty frustrated because I've had a couple responses to my resume and have been waiting to find out what John wants to do before I reply to them. He told me he'd have an answer by Monday (as in yesterday) and now he's saying Thursday. Let's all hope and pray he has an answer for me and it's the one I want to hear.

Aside from that Lanna-licious is doing well. Today was a big milestone she ATE FROM A BOTTLE!!! ::snoopy dance:: Almost all of last week and yesterday I would come home to Aunty Rissa saying "she's a naughty baby, who wouldn't eat and wouldn't sleep, and was cranky." But today I came home to a happy aunty and a happy baby, who took a nice long nape and drank 3 oz out of the bottle! It must be that she misses me so much because when ever I'm home Aunty Rissa and Uncle Muscles say " why aren't you this happy/nice when we're watching you?"

I will admit she's gotten much more mischievous and naughty since we've gotten here. She's realized that she doesn't have to stay seated when we put her down and so now she "dives". Picture her sitting up then diving forward and either getting her foot stuck under her or laying on her tummy. Then she gets pissed off because she hates being on her tummy and still hasn't mastered rolling over. Today she dove right off the mattress that we have on the floor and now has a bump under her eye. Then later she went head first into one of her toys and has a lump on her forehead. Poor thing.

Here's some sprinkles:


Sleeping Angel:

Eatting with Aunty Rissa:
Helping Aunty Rissa sew:

Crazy salt lake post man in SHORTS! That's snow not rain:

Happy face:
Snow out of our front window:

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