Sunday, June 28, 2009

We're Back!!!

Hey All! I know it's been MONTHS since I've posted an update but you should know by now that my blogging comes in waves. The last time I wrote an actual post was back in the beginning of March - well tons have changed since then.

I got a job working for a start up accounting firm called Lets Succeed Now. It took a few weeks to make sure this was a stable/secure job but it happened and as soon as I signed the employment offer Tira, Yai-Yai, Papa and Kimchi were on a plane. I found a nice little 2-bedroom apartment which fit nicely in to our budget and waited anxiously for my naught face to arrive. They got to California March 26th and eventually made the long haul up to Salt Lake on the 30th!!! Here are some pictures from the move in:

Since then we've been enjoying our time here, waiting for the weather to warm up (which it finally has this past week), and loving being together.

Tira is such a big girl now she's a chatter box who loves to dance and watch "rocket" (Little Einsteins). She's still a great eater - just yesterday we were at "aunty" (Rissa's) house making fresh pesto and Tira was eating it up! She LOVED it. I joked that when she starts school all the other kids will be eating pb&j sandwiches and Tira's going to have a chicken and pesto panini with sun dried tomatoes! Tira is mostly potty trained - she's still having trouble going #2 but looks forward to her "pecial ticker" (special sticker) and "nerds" after she makes a deposit.

Lanna has just gotten fatter and naughtier! She can crawl almost as fast as I can walk and is a chatter box - she's going to be talking way sooner then Tira was. She can stand now but usually needs something to hold on to. She's an eating machine and loves her pureed fruits and veggies mixed with baby cereal or tofu. I found a love of making her fresh homemade purees so it works out well.
I'll leave you with a promise: I will try to post often so make visiting the blog part of your regular routine!!